Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

The Aviator

I saw _The Aviator_ today, with no foreknowledge of what it was about going into it. It turned out to be a very awesome movie about Howard Hughes. It was a great flick, very interesting to see all the different things. Reading the trivia on imdb, I also saw that the movie used post-processing to edit the colors to seem more time-period realistic. For example, the peas in one scene are blueish-turquoise green: The scene takes place in the 1930s, and the color techniques of the time would have made them seem that color on-screen.

The movie has some really great bits, from the creation of the XF-11 to the Senate War Committee hearings between Hughes and Senator Brewster. It's motivated me to learn a lot about Howard Hughes the man, reading mostly articles on wikipedia. He's an example of a man who wanted great things for the world and went out and got them, and everything in biographies I can find makes the movie seem relatively accurate to the story. It's up for a lot of awards, and I hope it wins them.

After hearing a recent NPR piece on Mirimax, I'm sad to think this might be one of the last movies that is put out by the original creators of the company, but at least it was a great one.

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