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The past few days...

Like my last post was talking about, I now have an IRC bot that lets me post entries. However, if I set it up to point to my LJ, there's way too much chance that I would constantly abuse it, and flood everyone's friends pages. Instead, I've used it to take notes about what I should write entries about, posting them to the shared log of the IRC channels I'm in, after which I'll hopefully copy the relevant ones over here. If you're interested in a combination of entries from a bunch of people on IRC, you can feel free to read the /noets page: however, be aware that I will make no concessions to not spamming over there like I will do my best to here ;)

This is the first test of this system.

Tuesday: Train

So, this morning I'm on my way into work and all. And I'm a bit late, because it was just one of those mornings. I was still on time to get to work onlyl a little bit late though: no more than, say, 5-10 minutes. As I pull up to the two blocks before work, I stop at the stop light... and a train rolls by.

This is no bullet train. No, no. This is definitely not moving at anything you could even call a clip, much less a gallop. This train was moving at a crawl. It was moving at approximately 5 mile per hour, and although it was accelerating... It took 15 minutes for the train to go by.

Needless to say, I was a bit late to work.

Tuesday: Audioscrobbler

I had forgotten how fun this was to play with. I installed the iScrobbler plugin again last night. I wanted to let people see what the Commune (where I live) was playing in real time. Couldn't get it working last night, but I did today, and I'm getting kicked into maybe working on MeNow again too. Which means I may end up working on locative tech again soon, too. Ah, so much fun stuff to play with, so little time.

Jess said it best earlier today to my coworker: "He spends 50 hours a work here, destroying the web as we know it, and 40 hours a week at home trying to put it back." Speaking of Jess, she brought me Rueben pizza today at work. I've never tasted a better pizza. Unfortunately, the nearest place that sells it is in Concord. However, she did get a bunch of free food from him by giving him a run down on the benefits of getting a pizza place in the mills. If he could move in here, that would rock. I would love another food place in this building, especially if they had food like Foodies.

Tuesday: Eminem

Have you ever had a day where you listened to all musice that you used to listen to a long time ago? When I say long, I'm not thinking a couple years: I'm thinking back in grade school, or something like that. .. After setting up mt-daap last night, I introduced Jess to some of the music I've got sitting around from a long time ago. Jock jams and so on that I listened to in 5th grade. Did you know that some people have never heard Haddaway's "What is Love"? (Baby don't hurt me.)

Today is kind of similar, although not quite so old school. Eminem, Eiffel 65 and other similar things. I sometimes forget how much I love music when I'm working. In the office, we always listen to 80's music, so there's nothing I really like - it's just before my time. But listening to music via headphones makes me a much happier panda.

Thursday: iPhoto Printing

Apparently, my computer announces the fact that it has a printer available over the network. Hooking the mac mini up to the same subnet means that a printer labelled "hP" shows up in the "Shared printers" drop down. This allows me to print from any mac on the subnet with no configuration whatsoever.

iPhoto makes printing photos easy: select a picture, click print, and choose the size you want. Apparently, the HP 670C series also does complete auto-detection of paper type, so I didn't even have to change any paper settings: it was all done for me.

I must admit that I have never found printing photos easier: Who'd have thunk that the most complex setup imaginable (printing from a mac over the network to a printer connected over USB via cups) would be the most efficient? Thanks to the ease of this task, I now have a full 8x10 of julie, from when she came to vote with me.


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