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Last test post.

For those of you wondering exactly what's going on, this entry is being posted over IRC from a bot. This explains, to a certain extent, the funky formatting, as well as why I keep deleting the posts.
It's an extension of a program written by a co-conspirator, sbp: He wrote it for his own interface, and I've spent all afternoon converting it to work with the Atom API.
Of course, that included dealing with Digest Authentication. Which, amazingly enough, is broken in urllib2 on LJ pending a two line patch that's the first hit for python digest authentication.

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Don't you have, you know, that thing . . .

Yes! Job! That?

World in far too small shocker yet again - I guess I should be used to it by now, but it gets me all the time, how do you know sbp?

Probably the wrong sbp: this is Sean B. Palmer, of inamidst, not the sbp of LiveJournal.

Unless you think you know Sean, too :)

10:45:04 <sbp> crschmidt: commented on the entry
10:45:31 <sbp> oh, you already replied
10:45:33 <sbp> well suck
10:45:54 <sbp> and I replied in the wrong damn place
10:46:09 <sbp> OH CRAP I AM AN LJ N00B
10:46:37 <crschmidt> heh
10:46:45 <crschmidt> my style makes it a bit confusing
10:47:03 <sbp> well at least post this little conversationlet for me

(he replied out of thread, down here)

I'm so going to be getting on the place with the thing and the what when I get back from uni tonight to ask you about this. I pinged out of freenode some time yeaterday, and never got around to reconnecting.

The Other sbp

Actually, he means Sean B. Palmer (me), which is probably not the same as the sbp that you know since I'd never heard of you before. As Cody says, I'm far more awesome. (DISCLAIMER: endorsement by Cody is redeemable for the cash value of 0.001p).

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