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Mac Mini
At the apple store again. This time, I have a powerbook in my lap, and aa mac mini on my side.

Ah, Apple. This is the life.

Pictures when I get home.

MiniMac Gallery


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I hope this isn't as bad as what's going on in the current Applegeks series!

Not quite as bad, no :)

I only hug the things *after* I buy them.

I'm friends with an iProduct. *sigh*

But very cute hardware, I will admit.

I want one, but I'm not an iProduct. I thought the iPod mini was dumb ($50 less for 1/5 the space, stupid). I'm not a fan of the iPod Shuffle.

But the Mac Mini is a great idea. Smaller then an EPIA, more powerfull. OS X is a great OS.

What's not to love :)

That so should not be a devil. You should have a penguin.

Unless you do run BSD. Maybe I should've gone to NetBSD instead of Debian . . .

(Deleted comment)
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