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  • I helped create a updated RSS specification.
  • I took my mac into the shop (10 days ago) and got it back (tonight).
  • I worked on some websites while at work.
  • I got a high score of 103,425 on Choplifter on our MAME machine at work.
  • I learned a lot about what a small group of people can do in a short period of time.
  • I learned what a large group of people can do to motivation when applied to a small group of people who have done something in a short period of time.
  • I learned that I love Jess.
  • I called my family a couple times.
  • I was confused when there was frost *inside* my windshield. A scraper is hard to use in that situation. The scraper curves the wrong way.
  • I learned that some people know less about cooking than I do.
    < crschmidt> you can't cook pancakes in a pot
    < jess|laptop> HOW THE HELL DO YOU FLIP THEM IN A POT?
    < awaynik> i am kinda scrambling it..
  • I learned more than I though I'd ever know about Relax NG.
  • I watched our kittens get a little bit bigger.
  • I remembered that our van slider door is really hard to open in the cold.
    Like, sometimes, it won't open at all.
  • I completely ignored a number of my projects.
  • I ate lunch at Cafe 324 for the first time since its reopening.
  • I laughed.
  • I cried.
  • I lived.
  • I loved.

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Okay, the pancake thing is totally an amusing image.

how'd you get those nifty bullet images?

hiragana bullets

how'd you get those nifty bullet images?

By using <ul style="list-style: hiragana"> instead of merely <ul> at the beginning of the list.

Re: hiragana bullets

wow. that's pretty nifty!

*wonders how he'd never heard of those before*

Re: hiragana bullets

I'd never heard of it before two days ago, when looking up how to do a list-style-image.

Unfortunately, it's not as widely supported as it could be :)

The first thing I thought when I read that post was "Nice Bullet points" .. That looks like it's part of HTML... or is it something through LJ?

hiragana bullets

And I wondered what you were talking about since the first two browsers I tried didn't display anything special :) (Opera showed a numbered list with "1." "2." "3.", while IE showed normal bullets; Firefox showed hiragana, though.)

And it's not anything LiveJournal-specific; it's just using the CSS 2 list-style-type property on the HTML/XHTML ul (unordered list) element.

Oh, and in case you were wondering: the bullets are hiragana characters in the common "a-i-u-e-o" order. (Hiragana is a syllabary used to write Japanese.)

Re: hiragana bullets

I think Opera is doing the wrong thing here, although it's really only doing so because my usage of the hirigana was pretty weak:

I used a ul, however, all the cool list-style-types are ol-based: hirigana are counting, I assume, so they're actually contrary to the semantics of the list. However, since Opera can't display the hirigana, I personally think it should use disc-bullets instead of numbers.

I wasn't actually sure how many people would be able to see them: a Firefox user on Windows claimed he couldn't yesterday when I was playing with them.

Re: hiragana bullets

I think Opera is doing the wrong thing here [...] since Opera can't display the hirigana, I personally think it should use disc-bullets instead of numbers.

You have a point there.

hirigana are counting, I assume

Well... not counting, as such, but they are ordered.

Unless you consider "a, b, c" to be counting: "e" does not mean "5" as a count of items, but it's part of an ordered sequence between "d" and "f"; similarly with hiragana or katakana. Only that they have two orderings: traditional (hiragana-iroha in CSS2) and modern (hiragana in CSS2). I think both sequences are used for things such as footnotes, though.

so they're actually contrary to the semantics of the list.

*nods* They are ordered.

Re: hiragana bullets

Then again, Opera's job is to display things, so it's not surprising that they took the route of the most faithful display implementation. I expect that were it in a "print" setting, it would be appropriate to use an unordered list type, but in a display setting, it's doing exactly what I told it to.

Interesting issue. I wonder what the people who design such specifications would say.


  1. one
  2. two
  3. three

I'll guess that you used Opera to view the post, the way I did at first :) Try it with Firefox 1, if you have it; the bullet points will become more "interesting".

Safari at first. But in Firefox... interesting. :p

i'm using firefox 1 ("version 1.0 preview release" whatever that means), and for me the bullets are showing up as ?s. which is certainly interesting, but not for the same reason it's supposed to be

Is that on my journal, or in your friends page?

It may simply be that you don't have the characters in question: have you ever installed the Japanese language pack for windows?

on both.

and good call, probably i haven't. i can't imagine ever having thought i'd have need for it (and really, still don't). another mystery solved!

Ah, but it's not an
    , my friend :) Semantics are often different than the display. Use the Source, Luke!

Impressive. Safari needs to be able to render it. (Safari rendered it as a numbered 1,2,3,4 list).

I looked at this post (in Firefox by default) and immediately thought "o.O when did Chris learn Japanese?" when I saw the hiragana. but then I read the comments and found out that it's an option with the list command. that's really cool. :) I will have to use that some time.

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