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so, i thought that if sarah's dad let her go camping, she would be in the tent with the three boys. I swear to whoever there is to swear to that's what she said. And I still think that's the best idea. because now she's (my mom) saying that sarah will be in her and my dad's tent. that's not a big deal, but here's the rub... Sarah's never been camping. Never slept in a tent, never slept really outdoors. And to do that, for the first time, in the same tent, as your boyfriend's parents, would be weird, i think. so i'm going to try and convince my mom that we're not going to have wild sex, while in sleeping bags, with my brothers laying right next to us. Maybe it'll work, maybe it won't, hell, maybe her dad won't let her go anyway. But, i hope it does work, if she gets to go. Yeah. Anyway, that's just a small note on that. and i think i'm done LJ'ing for the night.
Maybe i'll work on changing my layout.

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