Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

New Year approaches

The new year approaches, and with it, endings and new beginnings. Let me make some goals for this year.

On my honor, I will do my best, to do:
  • To spend larger amounts of time actually paying attention to family, and not just being in the same room as them with a computer on my lap.
  • Be more responsible with finances: start actually keeping track of where money goes.
  • Not overcommit myself so much: only tell people I'm going to work on something if I actually am.
  • Show my love more often to the ones I love.
  • Take better care of myself, especially healthwise.

Some technical goals of mine:
  • Documentation, documentation, documentation. Work on making your projects be things that other people can use, rather than just geek toys.
  • Better organization of website. Build an actual interface, rather than just your simple template that you have now. No dead links. Clean out the root, to clean up years-old crap that you'll never touch.

I also need to work on improving communication, especially with family back in Illinois, as well as at work.

Mostly though, I'm pretty good with who and how I am. I have minor things about myself that bug me, but in general, I'm a happy man. This year has gone from great to better, and I'm looking forward to seeing where life can go from here.

Happy New Year, everyone.

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