Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

quick rambles

Been hacking. Mobile phone + Python + Bluetooth = cool. Learning more on bluetooth and how it works. Still want a Bluetooth GPS - looks like exactly what I want, for $70 cheaper than the next cheapest one i can find. More details in my tech blog.

Got cash from grandparents: always do. Could buy something just for me, but have decided to be a bit more sharing with it: Probably going to go with the iSight, and try to set up regular recordings for distribution to family that doesn't see me or girls enough.

Newest wired has lots of good articles. Maybe I should renew my subscription when it runs out.

Thinking of changing my cell phone plan down to 300 minutes. I never use what I have anyway. Probably also change my number - not that anyone calls me anyway.

Alicia watching LOTR movies. totally obsessed. She argued with me on the number of rings each race had. She had the right numbers, but she thought it was dwarves men elves instead of elves dwarves men. Still impressive. I pointed out that I've seen it more, and she probably shouldn't argue. Proved it by quoting significant portions of the movie alongside.

New years eve party. Simple. 10pm ish to 1amish. If you want to come, let me know.

I want to go to space before I die. For as much as it takes me to fly cross country. Even just to fly above the 100km limit. Think I'll be able to? I think I will. SpaceShipOne stuff is heading towards that: $200k/person for a space trip, starting in 3 years. That gives a lot of years for prices to drop. 50 years ago, were there even commercial airlines?

House a mess. I like it that way.

Kristan home. Missed her.

Don't want to be working this week - too much to do, not enough time, not enough motivation. Hopefully the new year will help.

Love Jess. Love girls. Love kristna. Love kitties. Love house. Love life.

Love sleep.

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