Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

responses to the previous pics

Jig Loffs YOU: **twitch** that's hilarious, but i'm now traumatized

Bizofme: *dies laughing*
Bizofme: Oh holy mother of God. XD

restfulpigeon: HA!!!!
restfulpigeon: just tell me that's not sarah's bra....
ChrisRS84: bikini top.
restfulpigeon: well i s'pose that's a little better...
restfulpigeon: crap yo look better in a 2-piece than me!!
restfulpigeon: disgruntled grrrrrrr..........

TinkerbellnPeter: Good Lord - what were you doing?
ChrisRS84: ;)
TinkerbellnPeter: no, seriously - what were you doing?
ChrisRS84: lol
ChrisRS84: it's not obvious?
ChrisRS84: crossdressing, of course!

Issir: lol
Issir: you are crazy

Samangel7017: XD *dies a thoushand times over*

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