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Happy Holidays
Happy Holidays to everyone.

I made my way to Chicago over Christmas Eve+Christmas, to visit with family, although not for long. My family is a group of people that I love when they are 1000 miles away, very much. When I'm there, however, they are much less enticing.

Did get to see all my cousins, including one who I hadn't seen in probably 6 months, which was nice.

Flights were quite nice, and I got some fun stuff done for describing photos in RDF. More detail will go into my techblog soon enough.

I'm exhausted. It was an exhausting holiday.

Julie turns four today. We're going to our favorite breakfast place for breakfast when she wakes up. It's hard to believe how much she's grown from when I met her.

Jess and Jason are watching Lord of the Rings upstairs while putting together the futon chair that Jess got from her mom as a gift.

Do you prefer long entries where I actually go into detail about all of this stuff once every two weeks, or short entries like this every two-three days?

I'm sleepy.

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4 years old already? O_o

give her lots of Happy Birthdays from the Pikas ^^

I'd prefer shorter entries every couple days.

Have fun at the birthday breakfast :) As for entries, I don't mind, I just like hearing what goes on in your life - it makes me feel closer.

Happy Holidays

Sorry, I posted my abracadabra into a wrong community. DUI, you know ;)

Just looked at the MeetUp stuff (email notification) and saw that you are also an LJ-er. Won't be at the next meeting but wondering if any other MeetUps in the area are good. Kudos, interesting read.

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