Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Tech Rambling

After some consideration, I have decided that my technical posts will now be separated from my daily/journal writings. To that end, I have created a new weblog, which will contain only my tech mutterings, and a syndicated account on LiveJournal to go along with it.

The primary reason for this is personal; I have been writing on both personal and technical topics for several months now, and it feels like every time I go to write in this journal, I'm going to be disappointing someone. It's a frustrating feeling, not wanting to write for fear of scaring off your readers. So, I want to separate what I write, such that people can decide what to read. Of course, with any decent software, this would be possible, but LiveJournal doesn't offer category support, so I have to go to some separate software instead.

Another reason is that I want to keep my technical writings in place for reference. If I'm applying at a job, I'd prefer to point to my technical writings (which will be hosted under my domain) than my journal, which is full of both tech and personal life.

Part of the reason that I started doing them together is to help my friends have the opportunity to learn about things that they might not otherwise. However, since people can continue to choose to read my technical posts, there's really no reason not to offer a separation.

My new weblog is already set up, and available at . It offers full content feeds in RSS .92, RSS 2.0, and RDF 1.0. The RDF 1.0 feed in particular is quite informative: it offers references to the author, links to the topics in the entry, and other similar things, thanks to some Wordpress plugin magic. For those of you who wish to read the feed on LJ, crschmidt_tech is a copy of the .92 feed (the type of feed that LJ supports best).

So, if you're interested in my technical posts, please friend that account, and feel free to add one of the RSS feeds to your aggregator, because they won't be here any more.

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