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Holiday Gathering

Cultural clashes are interesting things.

Last night, we had The Commune holiday get together. Although less than a third the number of people who said they would show up ended up doing so, it was still a great time for me, personally. I met a lot of people in person who I've read the journals of over Jess's shoulder in the past year or so. However, to watch some of the cultural differences between the people there was an interesting thing.

About 10 of the people attending were people Jess knows from various "Mom" routines over the years. This cultural set is an interesting contrast to friends of mine or Jess's who don't have kids, or don't plan on having kids. To see the "feminist, teen mom" crowd interacting with some of my friends who have been dating for multiple years and are still not married, much less thinking about raising kids yet, is just odd.

I'm really glad I have kids. It's nifty. They're fun, interesting, and add a lot of different perspectives to life that I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have had for quite a long time from now otherwise. I really love being a parent/stepparent/whatever I am. I enjoy teaching, and I enjoy the responsibility, even if I am occasionally overwhelmed by the children.

I had fun at the party. I got to meet some interesting people, hear some interesting things. I also turned Scott onto the job opening at wedü: He seems like somebody I'd be really happy to work with, so I'm hoping that I can put in some good words for him, and get his foot in the door.

Total attendees are listed in Jess's journal: 10 people with journals, 3 without. It was quite the fun experience, and one I'm looking forward to repeating.

(I did start typing this 4 hours ago, but I then started helping Alicia type a LiveJournal entry into xxemogrrlxx, and then julie watched badgers, and then I explained what I thought was a redland anonymous bnode problem to sbp, and then we ate dinner, and in the intervening time, Jess beat me to posting.)

Also, see my post about the OpenGuide for Manchester - one of my latest personal projects.

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