Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Originally - In Michigan!

Right now, I'm in Michigan. We've passed Detroit, and are heading towards Port Huron, aiming for the empty Canadian border crossing there. We left Illinois at about 9pm, and I drove for the first three hours, after which Kristan took over.

Everyone is fine: we survived my parents, which is impressive, and we met lots of cool people. I'm posting this now from the powerbook, which is connected to the internet via a bluetooth connection to my phone, which has GPRS connectivity. However, once in Canada, this gets more expensive: 1.5 cents/kilobyte, it seems, for international data transfer. Not too much for IRC perhaps, but beyond most limits of tolerance for friends pages and gmail.

Kristan has been a godsend, and Jess is keeping her awake up there right now: as soon as I post this, I'm going to grab a nap. However, here's a short update, mostly just to point out that I can connect my phone to my laptop and get internet with no wires: and not only that, I can provide wireless internet access for the rest of the car. Yes, I am a geek. Yes, with a mac, this kind of geekiness *just works*. (I tried to do this on the way back from seattle: I spent 4 hours working on it and never got it to work.) is down until I get back there to plug it back in, so any mail you've sent over the past few days may have bounced. I'm sorry about that, and it should be fixed up soon.

Keep on keeping on, with much love to the people in this car, and to all the other people out there who back me up every day and every night and every where - you're out of sight.

This was originally written in Michigan while we were driving: however, a number of different methods and attempts to send it failed, so this is about 12 hours out of date. Expect more updates soon.

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