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Free Ipods
I'm sure many of you have already seen or done this, but I'm interested in it, so I'm going to post it here anyway. is offering Free Ipods for signing up for trial offers. Many people are asking how exactly this works. "WHere's the catch?" Although I'm not related in any way to the site, so I can't tell you for sure, here is my guess on how, and why, it works, based on everything I've read.

In order to receive a free ipod, you must 1. sign up for an offer and 2. have 5 people sign up for a trial offer under you. What most likely happens is that these offers generate cash to Gratis Networks, who run the site. At one point, AOL was offering $50 to any company that could get a sign up for one of their trial offers so this is not entirely out of the question. Now, take into account that many people will only get 1 or 2 offers completed under them: at which point, somewhere in the neighborhood of 100-150 dollars has gone directly into Gratis's pockets.

If you do have someone under you completing enough offers, you will have given Gratis the referral funds from 6 different offers: assuming the $50 price holds, that's a total of $300 bucks to them. Again, keep in mind that many people will not complete the full number of offers for such a thing, so these numbers are just round ballpark figures to give an example.

Many of these offers depend on "If you don't cancel your trial, your account will be charged automatically" - a ploy that has worked quite well on many different offers throughout the years. By working on the forgetfullness of people, many have succeeded in creating very successful businesses, in which giving out these referrals is well worth their time and effort.

Some of the offers which were once on the site are now gone - most likely an indicator that those offers were no longer as profitable to Gratis. However, many of the ones which are still there are quite lucrative, both to Gratis and potential customers.

I just recieved credit for my first offer from the site. It didn't cost me a dime. Here's how I did it:
1. Sign up. Create a temporary, throwaway email address! You *will* get spammed! These people have permission to do whatever they want with your email address.
2. Choose the offer. It requires a credit card, and is a two week free trial. When subscribing, note the 1-800 number on the right side of the page for cancelling your subscription at any time.
3. One week into the two week free trial, call the 1-800 number. Choose option 4. Let them know that you would like to cancel your free trial account.
4. Wait approximately 8 days to let a full 15 pass. typically only credits after this period of time.
5. Find 5 more suckers to do the same thing :)

I got no charges, and no hassles. All in all, painless. If you're interested in giving it a try, please do sign up using my referrer link - although I'm sure you've probably been told the same by a dozen other people.

This is a US Only thing. Sorry others, but that's a Gratis limitation, not mine.

G'luck, and happy Ipoding.

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There's "conga" sites for this that seem to make it easier to complete the offer.

if you read the fine print however they can basically cancel your free ipod for any reason at all.

While there are a lot of people that have gotten free ipods there are also a lot that have not. There is a fraud alerts out on them. There was a big one in the UK.

Sure, they can not send your ipod. I wouldn't do it if I had to pay money for something I didn't want - but given the fact that it's free to me, I don't really have a problem with doing it.

They can cancel it. It's their peragotive. However, most of the people I know who have done it right - no cheating, actually getting 5 people to actually complete the offers, and going through the whole thing - *have* gotten theirs, even if it is many weeks after.

This reminds me very strongly of a pyramid scheme; ultimately, you're just getting AOL or another company to fund your iPod. I'm kinda suspicious. (then again, even if I did, I probably wouldn't have enough people join under me to do anything)

It is a pyramid scheme. However, so far as I've seen, it's maintained it's status and popularity, and seems to be working well for the people who run it - they have things like FreeLCDs, FreeDesktopComputer, etc. going on now as well as the free ipods offer.

I was suspicious until 3 of my friends got them - not friends of friends, but people I actually know, and in one case actually saw one. That's what convinced me to go for it, and it turned out pretty easy.

They've been having some troubles. Someone has gotten ahold of some of their address lists, whether 'cause freeipods sold them, or whatever. They're in violation for Spamming, so expect they'll be shut down or at least, they'll have to move along to a different isp.

Truly dumb; ended up in the hands of someone who misused it and the person they did this to is a spammer hunter.

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