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Today, I voted in a Presidential election for the first time.

Julie partipcated also:

Thumbnails link to larger size

Jess and the girls will be campaigning for their Grandfather in Nashua, NH today, who is running for State Representative in Ward 5.

My local votes went to people who have shown in the past that they support the educational system of New Hampshire. Although I am many things, I am very liberal in my views on supporting education and the environment. I voted the way that seemed best to me in all elections. I also voted against legislation that would give the legislative branch of the state government control over the proceedings of the judicial branch. Although I'm not sure what "party line" that aligns with, it seems to me that allowing the law making branch of government control over the people who are legislated to overrule them seemed silly. I hope that I truly did understand what I was voting for in that referrendum.

I know that you've all been told a dozen times before to vote, but this is a cute sweet face telling you to vote. I think that may be more motivating than anything else in this election. So, here's a cute face - go to the polls today, you might see another one like it.

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Dude! I was -JUST- there. I didn't see her.

Heh. We were there at 6:30 this morning. Short lines :)

She'll be down in Nashua later today, although I don'tk now where specifically Jess plans to be.

ahh, yah, rode my bike over. I'm still registered for that location. Never re-registered after the move being so close to election time and all.

8:30 still no lines :)

Lines at 7:30 a.m. were at least 20 people deep, though new registration was down to about 7 people. It goes in spurts.

Don't forget to add in your vote-for links:

Also, if you know of anyone who had a problem with voting from machine issues to indimidation to not being in the rolls.....have them call 1-866-OUR-VOTE and make a report to the Election Protection 2004 hotline - especially if they didn't end up voting or if they believe their vote didn't count. They have legal aides on staff to help.

If anyone finds any reports of said problems online in chat rooms, message boards, mailing lists or weblogs....make a report to the same organization at and include a URL to said incident ention in the description.

Pass this info onto friends, family, peers and co-workers.

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Well, we know full well that I'm a closet republican/libertarian leaning voter, so it seems like I voted the right way on that ;) The main concern was just the wording:

Very confusing - I'm almost positive most voters will not have a clue how they're supposed to vote on that to get what they want.

Heh. Cute. I remember going with my parents to vote.

I was a good girl and went down and voted (despite my grumblings for having to get up early on my sleep-in day). Those pictures of Julie were wicked adorable too. Thanks for sharing those. :)

Hopefully you voted the right way ;)

Truly though, I just want people to get out and vote. Turn the country back into the representative democracy it should be. I don't care if Bush gets in again if he gets in by the choice of the people. I'll disagree with it, but that you vote is more important than for *who* you vote.


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