Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Wedding in Florida

I'm currently in Florida. Although I never really mentioned it, I'm here for a wedding with a bunch of friends who I've met via this very online journalling service. Since I haven't mentioned this at all, I'm going to do a summary of the people who are here, how we came to meet, and who we are.

pezstar is Jenn, a North Carolina resident with a flair for dramatics. We first met while doing Support for LiveJournal, and she noticed me because of my oh so cute userpic that I was using when I was first on LiveJournal. She and I have been on and off friends for a long time since, even though I do occasionally bitch at her about being a drama queen. I met her when she flew into Manchester and stayed with us for a few days starting on Monday night. She has a cute Southern drawl, which truly comes out in her os - "Nawo", "Wrawong", etc. She also threatened Jess with death if she ever hurt me - luckily, a promise she's never had to follow through on.

acerbic is Kristan, who lives with us in Manchester. For a long time, I was extremely frightened of Kristan, who was someone scarily smart from my point of view. As a Customization supporthelp, she helped teach me much of what I know about CSS, although I've since learned some things on my own. In October of 2002, I stayed up until 4am rewriting an answer for Support exactly to the specifications of her and bertho - and this really is when I got to know her. A 19 year old vet tech student with a penchant for "emo" attitudes, Kristan was for a very long time something like a soulmate to me - we would share our emo tears of greif and our silent crushes on each other for long periods of time in private messages on IRC. Unfortunately for both of us, we were too emo to admit we liked each other, and as such, we never met until just this summer, when she moved in with Jess and I.

bertho was, like Kristan, a mentor of mine in the Customization section of the Support board. Rob~ is a 30-something year old Florida resident, whose education in engineering has been put to work in the task of moving boxes around at Target. Rob~ will be getting married to ustmej tonight.

jpallan is the love of my life who you've all heard so much about. A 23 year old mother of two New Hampshire resident with a love of politics and everything related, Jess is about as non-conventional as you can get. I met her on IRC, and like many people who did the same, was rather dismayed by her attempts to integrate herself into a somewhat closed culture. However, after reading a piece she wrote for a book - which is now published - I fell somewhat head over heels in amazment at her. Jess has turned several of my views of the world upside down, and I love her all the more for it. I first met her in person on June 27th, 2003, and moved in with her at the beginning of this summer.

ustmej is Tracy. I don't know much about Tracy, other than she lives with Rob, and she used to be on #lj_cyber back in the day.

raventhon is a geek - although not so much a computer geek as myriad other types of geek - who moved into the support culture about six months ago. Instantly impressed by his attempts to understand my incoherent ramblings, I added him to the list of people that I considered relatively cool. A Seattle-ite (but we don't fault him for it), Ben is a student at UW out there, and has flown a very very long way to be here - but still isn't even half the distance to his girlfriend, who lives in England.

kingnixon is Dan. Dan dropped Pez off at our house. He is 21. He is a skinny geekboy with a beard. This is really all I know. I met him on IRC, but when I met him in person, I didn't know he was him. That is about all I know about Dan.

Tracy and Rob are getting married on the beach tonight. The wedding is at 6:00 (or 6:30, I'm not really sure). I'll be getting back to Manchester around 1 tommorrow afternoon. We have very nice hotel rooms, in large part because of Pez's connections as a hotel employee.

So, that's who we are, where we are, and why there may be a more than typical amount of debauchery in and about these peoples journals in the next day or two.

Currently, the Mac is serving as a wireless access point, sharing a $10/day internet connection to the other three laptops between the two rooms. It was surprisingly easy to setup, proving once again that Apple makes almost everything Just Work (tm).

Jess and I are wearing matching SWAD-E T-shirts -- FOAF shirts, in other words. Thanks to Libby for them :) Hopefully we will get some pictures in them in Tampa, and I'll actually take some time to figure out how to annotate them right once I get them online. For now though, I'm just going to relax and enjoy my short vaccation.

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