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Updates on Life

My last post is almost three weeks ago. I suppose that means it's time to post again. This post will likely be long, as my interests have been varied over the past several weeks while I've been working on a myriad of projects.


Wedu has offered me a wonderful working environment that I absolutely love being in. Although the pay is a bit low according to the industry standards for someone with my skillset (or so I'm told) there are a million benefits there that I couldn't get anywhere else. For example, how many people have flavored coffee delivered to the office on a weekly basis? Have the ability to come in anytime they want to use the facilities of the office - no charge, no questions asked? How many people get to work with a team of 5 other highly intelligent (if sometimes a bit immature) people to get things done? I get input on what I think I should be doing, and I get to see results come out of it. I'm also looking at a couple of new projects that the boss wants done by "Christmas" for the company - a mailing package similar to mailman, but more rich in features, and a better scheduling and record tracking system for a print shop. I'm looking forward to doing something a bit more intensive than "Turn this Photoshop layout into a website", and have already discussed the possibilities and benefits of using RSS in some of our sites. On the work front, things are going wonderfully, and I'm really enjoying what I do, where I do it, and who I do it with.


Recently, I've been concentrating mostly on a project that I've had in the back of my mind for the last few months (since I left school) but haven't done much work on. Some of you may remember back in May when I wrote about SDLRoads - an SDL based copy of an old game that we played way too much at the end of the school year last year. When talking to Pete and Paul (the real developers - I did a little bit of coding, but my main task was play testing and level design) not too long ago, I pointed out that we had a good concept going, and should get back to work on making an actual game out of it. After getting the two of them into an IRC channel (#sdlroads, on, development has stepped up by a ton. I worked out enough Mac knowledge to write some pretty simple install instructions, and I made a Mac release with everything included, both of which spurred some interest in the project. Thus far, only us three developers tend to hang out in the IRC channel, but once we make the official 0.1 release (which will move us into beta, rather than alpha, status) I'll be publicizing the project a bit more and maybe get some other coders interested. In any case, the game is becoming a lot of fun to play, and I look forward to getting some feedback from others once we make it easier to play for people on more popular platforms.


Somewhere related to the previous section, I've discovered a new IRC bot named CIA. This bot is a CVS/Arch/BitKeeper/SVN -> IRC gateway. Simply install a simple script and set it up to run from your post-commits hook, and you get all kinds of fun features. Transport to IRC, an RSS feed for commits, a nifty project page (ours is at , for example) and more. A really nifty project, and I've gotten wonderful response time from the people who run it thus far. All in all, something I'm really excited to be using. If you have a project with a public revision repository, and you use IRC for communication, I really do think that you should check this out.

Real Life

In addition to all the time I spend on the computer, I also spend time with the family. Not a lot new on that front other than the typical things that children go through. I will be looking at redoing the web site for Alicia's school one of these days, although it feels like I always have more interesting things to do. In the past few days, however, I have done some new and exciting things:

  • Got Contacts - On Thursday, I got contacts. Spurred on by compliments from beginning upon seeing me without my glasses, I felt it vitally neccesary to get contacts to replace my glasses. I'm in the first week now, where I fight like hell to do anything with them, but it really is incredible to just be able to *see* without needing to have anything extra sitting on my face. Also, my glasses were a bit below my current perscription, so I was in need of new ones anyway.
  • Six Flags - I went to Six Flags New England, and had a great time. My trip report could be, and probably will be, a full entry, so if you're a coaster fan, keep an eye out for that. Unfortunately, I did lose my cell phone while I was there at some point, so I am currently not as contactable as usual.
  • Wedding Trip - This weekend, I will be attending a wedding for bertho in Florida. I'm looking forward to finally meeting some of the people that I've only met online in person. I'll be leaving Friday morning and returning Sunday morning.

Other than that, not much is really happening - day to day life goes on, "much as it always has". I do know that some of you thirst for the knowledge that you feel I offer to you though, so this is just a quick rundown of the past few weeks.

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