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I've really settled into life here in Manchester. I feel more at home here than I have anywhere in years. Even at school, I didn't have some of the basic amenities that are so normal to me now - places to put things, transportation to get places, a place to prepare my own food. I've fallen into regular patterns - ones that I actually enjoy, rather than the patterns I had before where I just dealt with what I had.

I've got a fun job. Wedu is proving to be an interesting work environment. I'm doing a bit more HTML monkeying and a bit less backend work than I'd like, but you can't have everything, and I'm learning a lot of important things about the way things work in the process. I'm learning various qmail commands, everything from setting up a domain to adding email addresses. (I'll probably be moving emails there, so I'll actually have a stable mail server - if people want accounts, drop me a comment or email or something.)

Most importantly, I've got family here. They're far closer to me than I have been to my own family for quite some time. I get and give snuggles to all the people here, and it's the most comforting thing in the world to be able to know that I can make people happy, and that they can make me happy.

We had a tragedy recently. One of our cats, Honey, was hit by our car, as I pulled into the driveway. We had been coming back from church and I didn't see her as I pulled in. Her habit of playing chicken with car tires caught up with her, may she rest in peace.

However, throughout the grieving process for this pet, who was very near and dear to all our hearts, I have constantly been reminded that although this happened, it was an accident and not something that could have been changed. I will forever miss Honey - all the more so because it's hard not to tell myself that it was my fault and that if only I'd been more careful, it could have been prevented - but with the good comes the bad. I'm quite sure that if there is such a thing, Honey is in Kitty Heaven now.

As I said, with the bad comes the good - we now have two adorable tiny little kittens running around the house. Only 6 weeks old, Jess picked them up yesterday from a friend of Jason's. As yet unnamed, they are already learning many tricks - from how to steal the Powerbook away from me to how to hide quite effectively from our own two little bundles of joy. Of course, photos are available. Warning, dangerous levels of cute. ( is a temporary domain name for when my domain is in flux - I'm having lots of problems keeping an IP lately for some reason.)

Tomorrow is Jessica's birthday. I'm hoping to be able to do something special for her, but probably won't be able to. Lack of transportation has made working up any kind of surprise for her really difficult.

I like things here. I miss friends and so on at home, but I'm really starting to settle in. It's so nice to live in someplace with geographic variation. With hills and mountains and so on that you never see in Illinois - just corn, corn and more corn. To have hills is such a nice change of pace that I don't think I could ever go back to living in the Midwest again.
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