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As I lay here in bed, next to the wonderful woman I've been with for more than a year, who I first spent the night with 1 year, 5 days ago, I look back on things, and think how they could have been different - and how I'm so glad they weren't.

I'm laying here in bed, next to a sleeping beauty that loves me, with two kids in the next room that adore me, with two wonderful cats who purr at me all the time, and two wonderful parents much farther away than they used to be.

I have a great job, great coworkers, a damn decent network of connections to a variety of people I'm really enjoying discussing all manner of things with, and educational experience at a University that's very far away from here.

I have love, snuggles, hugs, and a distinct lack of nagging and whining.

All in all, I'm living the good life.

I love working for wedü. I love working with the people there. I love working on my own projects, and I'm very glad I didn't choose to go back to school in 3 weeks doing something I was no good at and wasn't enjoying.

This isn't, of course, to say that school is wortheless. I actually enjoyed some of my classes, and more than anything else, I'm going to be hating losing the friends I have there. However, for what I've gotten out of it, every choice I have made so far has been worth it.

I'm not sure if things will always be this way. I can certainly hope they will be - my life right now really couldn't be any better. However, even if things don't always go my way like they have been, I'll have some pretty rocking people in my life to keep me going through it.

So, this post is just a summary of life, I suppose, and how wonderful it truly is.

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I got to meet you and Jess for the first time about a year ago ;-)

I'm glad life is still as good and "neat" as it was that day.

I know that at our age we should expect life altering changes in the space of a year, but I didn't see it coming. A year ago I got introduced to political technology while you met this wonderful girl. I have to say that you might have won.

You came out pretty good too, in my opinion. You're loving what you're doing (or so it seems) and you're getting paid for it, and that's really the most important part of life.

Girls, although a nice benefit, are not all that important in the grand scheme of things. You're enjoying what you're doing, and you're picking up a lot of credibility, as well as making a lot of contacts.

Given where you are, I'd say you came off pretty well in the deal as well. You're working on a fun project with fun people in a fun place. And that's something that everyone has to respect.


Except not, you're right. What's the point of having a partner if you're not happy where you are, then you shouldn't be trying to build a partnership on top of that.

so tired I don't even want to read the thread I created. And I got laundry to get later. And yes, I'm claiming the anonymous username.

Awww, I love to see Happily Ever Afters in progress. You guys are very lucky to have found each other, cherish ever day.

Put this entry in your memories. There will be times (there are for everyone), when things will be hell, for whatever reason(s) and you'll probably second guess yourself. Just because life is full of ups and downs. When that happens, reread this entry and know just how incredible life can be. :)

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