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The one good thing about clients for Linux is that evan develops the main one (Logjam), so I'm always sure it's pretty much the most advanced client out there. In OS X, I don't have that luxury. It's not neccesarily a bad thing -- especially as I'm quite sure I can install Logjam from Fink, should I really need it. It's just odd.

For those of you who don't quite understand what I'm saying, I bought a Powerbook on Friday. It's a 12", with a combo drive (DVD + CD/RW), and no extras. (No extended AppleCare, no extra hardware, nothing.) Which means I'm absolutely shit-broke for the time being, but that's okay. Bought it with the educational discount I still have, and it did me pretty well - saved about $200 that way. Also, <3 NH for not having Sales Tax. I'm told its better when buying a car than buyinmg a computer, but saving the $100 from that was nice.

I've now written this from bed, upstairs, and outside while hanging out with Julie. This is all very odd to me, as before this I had never even experienced wireless before. I also had IRC connectivity from the fireworks last night via GPRS.

The coolest thing about Apple computers is the complete lack of work that all of this requires. I've seen lots of entries on setting up wireless or bluetooth in Linux. Many of them are confusing, and most of them won't work globally. They require you to install things, to build them, and in a million other ways to fuck with them to the greatest extent possible in order to even get things to work. On this computer, they just work. Honestly. I logged into a wireless router - with no configuration other than a password. I set up GPRS internet connectivity via Bluetooth - with no effort. All I had to do was tell internet to connect via the phone - which was paired by a wizard that found it automatically - and it was done.

I was thinking I would install Gentoo on this box, but as time goes on, I'm realizing I really have no motivation to do that. I don't have any specific dislike for BSD based systems. I think that software should be free - as in speech, not neccesarily as in beer - but there comes a point when the ability to hack code easily is overcome by the fact that a proprietary solution makes things so much better than anything else I can get by with. If my choices are between working, proprietary solution, and an open, broken solution... The chances are I'd spend more time fixing it than I would in hacking. Here, everything works for me.

I'm very happy with my purchase. I was amazed at the difference between this machine and the one I use at work - this has much less memory, but it's still significantly better in terms of just about everything. I haven't found anything yet that I want it to do that it hasn't been able to. (Other than run with the lid closed, but that's a heat issue, since I found software that would let me do it.)

All in all, I'm very pleased. It's a great tool, and I'm looking forward to using it at work as well as here. Many thanks to to Wedu for giving me a position of gainful employment, and to Kristan for providing the wireless which I have abused so much. But most of all, many thanks to Jessica for allowing me to enter a stage in my life where I can make this kind of purchase without guilt, for being supportive of me throughout the time I've been out here, and for just making things so wonderful in general.

For those of you who wish to drool, there are images available in the powerbook gallery.

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