Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt


For the first time in my three years of owning him, Peanut has a home.

Most of you don't know peanut. I've had him for almost three years, and he has served me quite well.

When I purchased him, at Aldi Foods in St. Charles, Illinois, it was an amazing deal. On the day after Thanksgiving, 2001, I purchased a 1.6Ghz P4 with 256 Meg of RAM and a GeForce Ti200 - the second best card on the market at the time. The computer was compact, and top of the line - and only 700 dollars, plus tax ($50.) That was basically my entire summer's pay, but it was well worth it - the computer has treated me wonderfully over the years.

He has lived under a variety of desks, suffering kicking, scuffing, and electrical shocks. He has lost 2 ethernet cards, and gained 240 GB of storage space. He has gained, and lost, a TV tuner card, used mostly to webcam in the past at higher quality.

He is currently host of bluetooth, Logitech Quickam, a Kodak CX4230, and an HP930c. He has suffered several keyboards, from wireless to wired, from qwerty to dvorak.

He has been tossed, turned, and twisted in every direction. He has been used, abused, and served out gigabytes upon gigabytes of content. He has been from Windows XP Home to Professional to Gentoo Linux. He has run under Knoppix for restoration, and acted as a repository for data for countless others.

He currently holds 300 movies, 20 gigs of music, and more than 4 gigabytes of pornography. He has served as a server and client. He has served to clients worldwide, and acts as my base of operations for mobile activities.

My trusted machine has never once complained. He has never once given up the ghost. Ranging up to 89 days of uptime, he has held on strong for all the needs. 2.5 years later, I still can't bring myself to buy a new computer - because there's no need. There is nothing that a newer computer would do that this one can't.

After all this, he finally has a home. A resting place. The Medion computer, first of its kind ever sold in the US, which I have been using non-stop for 2.5 years, can feel safe and protected.

Welcome home, Peanut. May you continue to Live Long, and Prosper.

peanuts homepeanuts home peanuts home

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