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I've wanted a Powerbook since about February. For a long time it was kind of an idle want. I was going to do some work on LJ stuff with Mark Smith, but he backed out on me after he got a job working for LiveJournal, so that source of income never appeared. As a result, my Powerbook-want has simply continued to increase as I become more and more enthralled with the idea of having a laptop, especially one so sleek as a 12" Powerbook.

With a new job, that want may actually be satisfied at some point in the near future.

Part of the reason I want to purchase a Powerbook is work related. We all use OSX (10.3.4 Server) at work, and being able to have hardware that can run the same software as at work is useful.

In addition to that, the machine I have at work is really slow. 16mb video, 384 RAM, and a 450MHz G4. I don't know a lot about Macs in general, but I do know that the Powerbook I want is a 1.33 GHz G4. Even just basing it off Mhz seems to indicate that there might be a slight speed difference there.

So, for work purposes, I'd be able to get used to the operating system I use, and have a faster machine. At work, I have a dual input monitor - and I wouldn't be surprised if we didn't have the connectors to make the laptop go to the monitor. Even if we didn't, I bet I could get it paid for by the company as a work expense. I'm seeing a serious lack in productivity compared to my normal due to the fact that the computer is significantly slower.

Speaking from a more personal point of view, the Powerbook has a lot of toys I want to play with. The bluetooth support in OSX is way better than anything the PC has to offer (at least, that I've seen). Since my phone has bluetooth - indeed, it's the best way to interact with the phone - this is a nifty concept to me.

I've also wanted, for a long time, to have a computer that I can take with me almost anywhere. Being as small as it is, the 12" Powerbook fits this role pretty well. Add the unlimited internet I get with my cell plan, and I can get internet -at least to IRC with - just about anywhere. Quite nice for weekend getaways. ;)

I want a small computer which I can take anywhere so I can take it with me when I go other places. I like having a desktop most of the time, but occasionally I want something a bit more mobile. Between my personal wants and the ability to use it for work - plus, the whole idea of having a completely different architecture appeals to my geek sensibility.

I plan on buying a Powerbook, and I want it as soon as possible. Luckily, that's looking like it could be a reality in the near future.

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(Deleted comment)
I hope to buy my iSight next month, rawr.

Perhaps by then Apple'll introduce a revised model at WWDC...

Like the new layout... I enjoy than the iSight would be a necessary expenditure.

Point I really wanted to make is to be careful--free internet on the cell does NOT necessarily mean free airtime to call dial up access on the iBook.

It wouldn't be dial-up internet. Since I have the phone, I can connect via GPRS, and then connect the powerbook using that as a tunnel.

So, Powerbook->Bluetooth->GPRS -- the same internet connection I use all the time now anyway. (When I say all the time, I mean somewhere in the neighborhood of 10-15 meg a month, at 1k/s max.)

I've done it before to connect someone's laptop (an iBook) to the internet, and it doesn't incur extra charges.

The Airport would come before the iSight, in any case. Then, once I got the isight, i could camwhore from anywhere!

I figured you knew your shit (and better than I do, at that), but figured I'd throw in the word of caution anyway.

And don't tease me mentioning the camwhoring like that!!

(who hopes that one set of pics from ur uiuc site makes it to your lj photo storage space, or at least somewhere else so as not to be lost)

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It's the 15" - and 300 bucks. Although I do agree with what you're saying - the 12" being too small to use regularly - I tried them all out by borrowing from friends at school and decided the 12" would be good enough when I couldn't get another monitor to connect to.

At work and home, I plan on having a second monitor to hook it up to - work is easier than home, but both are definitely doable with a relative minimum of cost - and the size difference is big enough that it makes a big deal to me.

Did you get the 12 or the 14? I can't remember.

(Deleted comment)
For normal use, you're absolutely right - 12" is too small. Since I always plan on having a second monitor handy, it's not so bad - and I can handle (and appreciate) a 12" in cases where I'm, for example, lying in bed and hacking on a project before I doze off.

I don't think I'd be able to live with a 12" 24/7, but with the other monitor always being handy (either at home or at work) I don't think it'll be so bad. The 15" is just too bulky for me to always want to have it around - which the 12" won't be, I don't think.

The 12" Powerbook G4 is the laptop I'm buying when I get home. It's the one I've wanted for ages.

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