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Yesterday, I received a call from Sean Owen, President of (we - do). On Tuesday, he had talked to me in an interview, for a position which I posted about earlier. The job description fits me really well - designing HTML + DHTML, using PHP with MySQL, that kind of thing. I've gotten pretty good at it - although I haven't done as much web design as I probably should have for the job - however, it seemed to fit really well otherwise, nothing major that I couldn't do.

The call I received was asking me to "Come back for a second interview, and to 'meet the team'". Now, to me, this didn't particularly mean anything, because I've never actually had a salaried position before, and I know it's a small office - 6 people - who would want to be together with people they can work with.

So, today, I came into the office. Interviewed - did some technical questions.

Scale of one to to 10, how difficult would it be to:
  • Build static webpage from a Photoshop design
  • build a DHTML version of a file tree? What problems would you have with this setup?
  • Create a request based system for photographs at a newspaper, including upload via FTP
  • Design a e-commerce site

Simple questions, although the FTP thing is a major issue for them, which I didn't have a simple solution to. (HTTP Post, and putting the images on a web server online somewhere, both don't work.)

So, I then went around and met everyone. John, the Flash guy, Monica, the VP of Marketing and Communications, Todd, the Technical Director, Chris, the Graphic Designer, etc. Follow Sean back to the conference room. He sits me down, and says, "Based on what I've seen, I'm willing to offer you the job."

This is the job that I've been looking for, and am very glad to get.

I'm making towards the bottom end of the suggestions I got, but with full health benefits and working in someplace I love, I'm very happy to do it. In 90 days, I'll get a review, and possibly go up by a significant amount of money.

In any case, in less than a week since I moved here, I have a salaried position with benefits, doing something I think I'll love, with really cool people, only a 5 minute drive from where I live. If that doesn't speak to my ability to fool people into thinking I can do a good job, I don't know what does. ;)

Seriously, though. I've just been handed something I love on a silver platter. Assuming nothing breaks/goes horribly, I'll probably be staying here rather than going back to UIUC in the fall. I will most likely be continuing my education - even if it is just at night - but I need a break from doing the whole "Graph theory is good for you!" thing at University.

My father is already urging me to come back to school, even though he's attempting to do it subconsciously. "Hopefully you can save money to come back with in the fall." I'm not that concerned. I'm here now. This is now home, rather than good old St. Charles, Illinois.

I'm not interested in STC. I'm interested in Jess, the kids, and a wonderful job. I've got a bank account, I've got a job, I've got a computer set up. Most importantly, I've got the best girl in the world. That's all I really need out of life.
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