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Real Life
I’m currently out in New Hampshire, with my wonderful girlfriend. Things are stressful - lots of stuff to be done, taking care of the girls, taking care of life in general. I’m falling more in love each day. I love being near the person I love and finally being able to relax. When I’m only out here for a week, relaxing isn’t exactly the easiest thing in the world. When I’m out here for the summer - and likely continuing to be here through the rest of the year - it’s much better.

I’ve decided, barring some catastrophic failure to obtain employment, that I don’t particularly want to go back to Champaign in the fall. I actually made this decision quite a while ago, but now all you wonderful people get to hear it.

Still working on projects online, looking for a job out here. Applied to a couple things on Monster.com yesterday. Does anyone ever get hired through there, or is it just a big scam to get your personal info? I’ve also been looking at jobs in the paper, and submitted a couple email applications to places around here from the paper for office stuff.

It would be nice if I could get a job doing something I liked, but I know my chances around here are pretty slim. One of the jobs I applied for fits perfectly - Linux/open source knowledge plus W3C spec for an HTML design site. Although I don’t exactly have a portfolio to show off, I’d be really good at working on something like that. However, it’s not likely I’ll get it, since I’m sure there are tons of other equally or better qualified candidates for the position.

Welcome to the Real World.

Anyway, life is good. I’m enjoying being with Jess, even though it does exhaust me. Going home this weekend for Dave’s graduation and to pick up stuff (like my computer hooray!) and then leaving to come back on Memorial Day evening. Other than that, no big plans other than trying to get a job.

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I have hiccups again.

It's your fault.

When I was working before college, we hired someone through monster.com. The company was very happy about it; said that one hire was worth all the recruitment fees we'd paid to them. Then again, the person in question knew just about everyone in Silicon Valley...Dell, Scott McNealy, etc...

Employment opportunities aren't too bad here in New England. I'm having difficulties not because they aren't interested (I got 2 "we're definitely interested, contact us" and one "we're full, but we'll keep your resume on file"), but because it's so hard to arrange interviews and training when I'm half a world away and will only be home for 2 months.

Your open-source work helps you a lot. Last time I applied for a job, both companies asked me if I'd done any open-source stuff. From talking online with folks in the industry, some companies won't hire anyone who doesn't do open-source, because it shows that they don't have a passion for programming. It also gives you ready-made code samples should they ask.

If you do stay up in New England, want to get together sometime in the summer/next Christmas? I think Jess is only about 30-40 minutes away from me. Plus there're so few folks to geek out at in MA. :) (Well, actually, there're zillions in the MIT area, but I don't know any.)

I'm actually doing pretty well on the knowing people part, at least in the open source/blogging world. I'm not sure how well that maps to everything else, but for someone looking for W3C experience, it can't hurt to be able to say "Yeah, I've worked with Dan Brickly, who heads the FOAF effort as well as some other W3C RDF stuff". ;)

I've done plenty of open source stuff, and I know that's good, it's just the fact that I'm worried there isn't a lot of technical work in the area. I'm limited by the fact that we're splitting a car - and the kids have a pretty strict schedule, so nothing like, Boston area is possible.

When you get back, definitely let me know. Even if you're just around for a while here, we should hang out. I've got some friends around the Boston area (xxv being one, although I'm not sure where he's at at the moment.

Anyway. Thanks for the encouraging words :) I really hope I get the one job that seemed to fit me best, at http://www.wedu.com/ , but like I said... it's a pretty generic opening, and not sure if that means I'm more or less likely to get it.

Hoping for the best. Looking forward to meeting up with ou at some point. And good luck to you too.

I'm in Manchester. :) My current record to the city limits of Boston is 38 minutes in favorable conditions. Plus Chris needs a real Boston introduction, he's only been once or twice.

I'm in Bedford. It's about 20 minutes from Nashua, straight down Rt. 3. Manchester is what, 10-15 minutes past Nashua?

Yes, people really get hired through monster- that's how I got my current job. :)

Holy shit, you made a post in English! ;)

See you and Jess this weekend! :)

I'll second that posting in English thing. ;) I'm glad that things are going well for you. And I give you mad props for having the courage to go out there and do what you want--I don't have it, but if I did, I imagine my whole life would be a hell of a lot less confusing right now! Good luck on the job search--and stay out of trouble!

I know that to me, college feels like something that I have to go to, that I'll get a job when I finish and have something to show for it. I admire the fact that you can make the decision that some things are more important and that maybe some things supersede college right now. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

Monster works pretty well for me, but it's much easier to call around, IMO. I'm so jealous you get to be on the East Coast!! :-)Good luck and best wishes to you and Jess.

monster works for me
if you want a quick influx of cash while waiting for a 'real job' its all about the temp love

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