Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

UIUC Hits Slashdot

With the opening of our new, Highly Advanced Siebel Center, UIUC has had the tech popularity to make it onto Slashdot. Interesting to see something that I know better than most of the people there talked about in such a forum full of... characters, I suppose you could call them.

The typical Slashdot cliches have made their appearance, as always: "Think of a Beowulf cluster of those!" accompanied by the appropriate "In Soviet Russia, Slashot cliches use you."

With the fictional creation of HAL at UIUC, there was of course the issue brought up of what happens when the building doesn't want you there anymore: FrYGuY101 says "I'm sorry Dave, I can't let you in. Your GPA is too low this semester."

I'm interested if anyone else will add this to their I've not had much use out of the social aspects of the site, but now could be an interesting way to start. I've added it to mine, I'll see if anyone else does the same.

Marc has his not atypical response on the topic. His line: "Imagine what we could do with 1,000 RFID tags" reminds me far too much of the typical Slashdot response: "What about a Beowulf cluster of those?" Aside from the fact that the most people I've ever seen in Siebel at once was about 100, during Engineering Open House, it does raise an interesting issue: Will the way we live our lives be recognized by computers? Will we turn into the world featured in Minority Report?

The mention of staying in school rather than following in Neil's footsteps does amuse me. I don't plan on moving out to the West Coast until I've got my ducks in a row a bit more than I do now, but I would have no problem being on the West Coast in a year or two, if things work out how I hope they will. Some of that will be up to the girl I love, of course - I'd never dare to drag her off the East Coast until she finishes school. As much as she sometimes protests anywhere but the East Coast, I think maybe I could convince her to come with me, if I tried. We'll see, if the situation ever comes up where I could actually make some money hacking. Thus far, I've been pretty light on the actually getting cash for projects I work on, so I'm not holding my breath.

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