Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Linux Love/Alternative lifestyle?

I don't get it.

jackola sees this:

Alternative Lifestyle. Alternative OS.
Linux Distro Logos
Linux is love.

Now, when I see this, I say "ooh, look, pretty!" I'm not much of an activist, I'll admit, so it's just a nifty "Linux is cool" bar. Alternative Lifestyle, when I saw this, didn't mean gay to me - it meant something way different. It meant a different way of going about things. It meant the open source lifestyle. I mean, I use linux, I don't think that makes me gay? (Of course, Jess would tell you I'm gay anyway, but I maintain that being sensitive and occasionally wearing a skirt doens't make me gay :P)

Yet he thinks that the "Alternative Lifestyle" comment is something to slam upon someone for writing, becuase it's indicating that Gay is an alternative (which I strongly belive it's not - it's at least partially genetic, but in any case, it's not a "choice" one makes to be utterly hated by millions of people and recieve less rights than others). I comment with definitions of alternative and lifestyle, and get told I'm playing stupid:

Does the fact that this has rainbow colors mean it's neccesarily an indicator of a Gay lifestyle? (I use gay, rather than homosexual, because homosexuality was the psychological disease, which was removed from psych books back in the 70's, and therefore isn't really a proper term for anything anymore.) I've been told I'm playing stupid by assuming it doesn't, but I honestly didn't realize that I was neccesarily saying anything wrong by assuming that the alternative lifestyle described by a bunch of open source operating system distribution logos was... well, open source?

I really do consider living an open source lifestyle in the geekdom world to BE a lifestyle. I think that that's not a totally unwarranted claim. I push open source wherever I go, be it installing putty on my phone or shoving gaim on someone's computer when trillian breaks. I trust Phoneix FirebirdFox more than I trust IE, any day.

When I display this logo, I'm not displaying my support for gay marriage. I'm displaying my support for open source.

You want my opinions on gay marriage, go back to December, and look at the number of entries I wrote about the AFA poll. Go back through my journal and realize that I'm dating someone who's bisexual. Go back through my journal and realize how many of my friends are gay, and then maybe you'll realize that I'm not slamming on gay people, I'm simply showing my linux and geek love.

In conclusion:
To jackola, I say: Take a chill pill
To everyone else in the world, I say: Free as in Speech. Open Source Forever.
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