Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt


I love Linux.

I love pulling open a terminal, and knowing I have power to do almost anything. I love scrolling through a list of packages I have, using the keyboard. I love running things in screen, disconnecting from my home machine, and reconnecting wherever the hell I feel like it.

I like multiple desktops. I like open source graphical apps. I like digging into something, fucking it up, and rebuilding it from original source. I don't get anywhere, but I felt accomplished. I love the fact that I can look at how things work. I love the fact that I can make them not work, and every now and then, i can make them work.

I love control. I love being able to screw with things and change them up to fit me.

I love the fact that my windows snap into place.

I love the fact that my desktop can be my server, and it doesn't affect anything. I love the fact that I can interact so smoothly with so many other machines, so seamlessly that I never even notice I'm not on my own machine. I love that I can ssh or scp from or two anywhere, or load entire file systems via SSH.

I love pipes. I love sending information from one program to another, endlessly on into infinity. I love changing information in a completely unreadable format to be EXACTLY what I want, in the format I want it, with bells and whistles on.

I love that to install anything, all I have to do is type a command. I don't even have to know anything beyond the command name.

I love linux more than almost anything in the world.

What's the one thing I love more than linux, then?

Jessica Pamela Allan Lavarnway.
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