Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

When I wake up...

Only two more nights out here. I leave Manchester at 2:15pm on Monday afternoon.

On the whole, I'm glad I came. It's going to make the next bit extra hard, but I needed to see Jess, and she needed to see me. In the long run, I didn't really miss all that much - one math quiz, really. I emailed my paper for Phil to my professor, and my 363 prof said not to worry about the homework.

So, my two main concerns when I get back are CS232 (due at 11:59PM on Tuesday) and CS323, due at 11:59PM on Friday. The second will be highly complex, but the time frame really isn't any more limited than it would have been had I been slacking off at home.

I have a really changed perspective on what needs to go on in my life now, and I think that's a good thing. It's not a major viewpoint change, just more of a "Hey, get your rear in gear" and so on. I've proven to myself this week that I can actually do a really good job on stuff regardless of where I am. My Math 363 assignment got turned in with no problem, and I didn't even find it that difficult. Things like that reassure me a lot.

I'm very reassured about my status with Jess. Every time I see her I feel more stable in this relationship. It's like... not magic, but just more secure, more safe, every time I see her. I learn a little bit more about her, and about myself.

To anyone who might be going through hard times right now, keep your chin up. They can and most likely will get better.

To Jess: Darling, the time out here has been simply wonderful.

To the rest of you: Pie. Pie pie pie pie pie pie pie pie. Wanker.

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