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Jess // hoodie // orkut
I may have been slightly alarmist earlier, but I think it was warranted based on what I was hearing.

Jess is at home. She has a stomach ulcer, which is why she hasn't been able to eat. She's getting "scoped" for it on Friday. She's okay, but in a lot of pain, and has no painkillers (no medical insurance). She's going to be okay, but it's still really scary.

I'm worried sick about her, and can't concentrate on anything else. I'm just sitting here staring at the computer, and i keep switching desktops, like somehting different showing up on my monitor is going to make things different. I know it's not, but still.

I'm waiting on my parents verdict whether they're going to support me in going out there or not. If not, I'll deal - go to the bank tomorrow morning and pull out all the cash I need for the trip, and have Jess buy the tickets. I can probably pull it off, but it's going to be hard. Either way, I'm probably taking the train out of here at 6am tomorrow morning.

Keep her and us in your thoughts. I think it's going to work out, but it's going to be hard. I need your thoughts just as much, if not more. Thank you so much for your sentiments, and your thoughts mean so much to both of us.

As Jess said: "Thus, I would like to inform you all that my current state is New Hampshire."

Silver lining: I got my LJ hoodie today. I'm a huge dork.

orkut is cool. I sent invites to a bunch of people, but it seems as if their email servers have been down since this morning. I haven't been getting invite stuff, and people I've sent invites have gotten nothing.

I'm worried. God. I wish my parents would just clal me back, so I could make plans.

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I got my hoodie today too. I actually squeed when I saw it in my mailbox. If you're a dork, I'm a bigger one. :P

*hugs* to you and Jess, both.

You still have my prayers. Hope all is well.

I hope she gets better soon. I'll be thinking of you two.


I hope you have a safe trip and that your presence helps Jess start to heal quickly. :]

Hug her once for me, ok?


Have her checked for an h. pylori infection. This is a bacteria that's been found to cause the vast majority of stomach ulcers and would fit nicely with the mono infection, if in fact a prior mononucleosis infection has been confirmed by testing and not self-diagnosis. Specifically mention this to the attending physician.

If the h. pylori test is positive insist on a course of antibiotics. That should do the trick, although it might be a fairly long course. There may also be a somewhat rigorous diet to avoid further inflammation of the stomach wall while the ulcer heals so she'll need to improve that diet of hers.

Your description of her vitamin deficiency symptoms tells me that her diet needs improvement, as a Standard human on an adequate diet will not develop those symptoms quickly when a stomach ailment causes an interruption in the patient's eating habits.

She's actually displaying signs of scurvy, a vitamin C deficiency, but the ulceration rules out a quick fix of adding orange juice to her diet, so go with 1000 mg vitamin C pills along with a decent full-spectrum multivitamin. One vitamin C pill in the morning and one at night should do the trick since vitamin C is water soluble and she'll eliminate it during the day, making a constant serum level almost impossible to maintain with once-daily dosing.

There may be gastrointestinal side-effects from both the C and the antibiotics; these should not be viewed as a cause for alarm.

Avoid alternative medicine in this case. The solution to this is very well-understood.

Thank you. Mononucleosis was confirmed by blood test in mid-to-late September, but improvement was not noted, and my case was particularly bad to start with -- the throat inflammation and lymph node swelling was bad enough I was given Vicodin and steroids to cope, since I wasn't really able to swallow otherwise. The throat symptoms have slowly subsided and reappeared with insane frequency, but after the mono were several bouts of viral pneumonia (assumed viral, anyway, based on my CBC results + X-rays), and various other activities -- constant low-grade viral infections of one type or another that simply wouldn't resolve -- gastroenteritis would last 2 weeks instead of 2 days, a cough would quickly have me coughing up blood and choking, etc.

This really hasn't gone away much, and now this . . . frankly, I'm perturbed much more with my primary infection than I am my secondary infections -- not that they're not extremely distressing and painful, but at least they're a known quantity with known effects, if a bit more severe than they'd be in a healthy twenty-two year old female. I'm wondering what could so thoroughly destroy my immune system.

My food intake has been minimal for months, but I started myself on vitamins yesterday to try to counteract some of that -- I recognized them as signs of malnutrition, but being unable to keep down water, let alone a pill, made solving it well-nigh impossible. (Now, while I was given courses of medicine by the doctor's office, I have no insurance, but Pepcid + very, very, VERY bland diet is helping, though marginally -- I assume the lower acid levels are just simply not irritating me as much.)

Eh. The other problem is, as a single mother, I simply don't get a lot of rest, but that's not to be remedied.


Mono just sucks, and most people who get it in their adult years will tell you they are never quite the same again.

It is also possible that your immune system is overreacting, and you are becoming slightly immune to yourself (google auto immune problems such as lupus, celiac, arthritis), this does tend to make it harder for your body to fight off infections as it is too busy fighting off itself.

As far as making the bland diet work, get yourself a can of that powdered formula stuff they use for people who can only have a liquid diet. Sustagen? Then at least you will always have something bland and balanced in the house, and it won't matter if because you are ill and tired you end up feeding the kids pizza occasionally because you can make yourself a big glass of formula and still get most of what you need. You can even put a few spoons of formula in a clean bottle and carry it about with you to make up with tap water if you need an emergency bland meal.

I've had lifelong autoimmune problems, actually, though mild through to adulthood -- repeatedly tested for rheumatoid arthritis and such as a child. I used to come home from school and fall asleep for the night at 4 p.m., get sick often, etc., but nothing like THIS. So perhaps it's just (just?) CFS, but I do get concerned, especially as, yes, I'm disabled and such for now, but I have two daughters to raise on my own, and I'd quite like to Get On With It at some point and be able to hold a full time job and full time university again and raise two little girls without help.

Meh. How depressing.

By the by, who are you?

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