Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Memories: Winter fling, 2001

I write in my journal as a way of remembering what's happening in my life. I write things I'm thinking, things i've done, things that were, things that are.

However, I sometimes have these "flashbacks" - thoughts that come up that were before I got a journal, things that I never wrote about, but think are important to remember. Last night, I had one of those. Since I like to keep track of stuff in my journal, I'm going to write about it.

December, 2001, senior year. For weeks, my best friend had been trying to advertise for the "Winter Fling" being held at her church. The other girl who was supposed to be publisicing the event had failed miserably at doing so, to the point where no one knew about it and very few even thought about coming. However, I wanted to make Erin happy, so I told her I'd come, no matter what anyone else did.

And I did. I went, and it was really cool, because it was basically just a bunch of her shy friends that were out and having fun. I go to dances to dance - I generally ignore other people there, and even when I do dance with others, it's for fun, not for anything else. At this place were the kinds of people that i loved to hang out with - quiet, smart, etc. However, in more public situations (High School dances, for example) they would never have come out of their shells to the same extent.

I got to have a great evening, with relatively few people around. There was good food, a good band, and really cool people. Had it been advertised more, it could have been a big pile of crap: too many people there would have been overkill. As it was, it was a calm, quiet setting with fun people, and they were able to actually get out of their shells and have fun for once in their lives.

I remember later hearing about how Erin and Derek were probably hooking up even back then - how Derek had stayed late helping erin clean up, and things like that. Looking back on it, it wouldn't have bothered me to know. It was just a fun evening, one where I got to hang out with people who were usually too shy to even come near me when I was dancing, and enjoy myself.

I thought of this last night, partially because I tried to get a shy girl sitting on the side at Seketon Danse to dance. I just remembered it, and thought how nice it was to have people who normally wouldn't participate show up and enjoy something like that.

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