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I wasn't going to do this, but Jess was saying how "we" needed to do a roadtrip. Now, I won't disagree that SHE needs to do a road trip off the east coast, but I think I'm doing pretty peachy keen ;)

The only one I marked that I'm not sure I've been to is Rhode Island, but ... hey! I was definitely there this summer! ignore that.

I MAY have been to Alabama and Louisiana once, as well, on our way down to Texas. I'll email my parents and ask - it would have been a long time ago if it was. Similarly for Delaware - I know I was near it, I'm not ever sure if I went in it.

However, by the end of February I will have been through Mississippi and Louisiana anyway, as part of my Mardi Gras trip: That will bring my total visited up to 43 (assuming I've remembered everything right so far) with only 8 left: Arizona, Nevada, Utah, California, Alaska, Hawaii, Alabama, and Delaware.

Utah is probably the place I'm most interested in visiting of those: I want to see the Natural Arches National Park or whatever it's called. All the pictures I've seen of it look so frickin cool.

Las Vegas would be cool, but only with friends - definitely not my scene when I'm on my own.

California is someplace I'd like to visit sometime, but not to stay.

My favorite place to live at this point would probably be the Pacific Northwest. I just loved it out there. Barring that, I'd love to live in Boulder, or somewhere else similar to that - somewhere near mountains. Aspen, perhaps: I'm not much of a skier, but I love the rockies.

I would never want to live in the South. I don't think I would fit in well there. It's just not my kind of life. Too slow, the attitude doesn't match.

I wouldn't mind living on the east coast. Northeast especially, but I'm not a metropolis kind of person. I like suburban life styles - I love the scenery in the east, but I don't know if I like the towns. Although I did really enjoy Providence, so maybe I'm just associating Manchester/Boston with East Coast, when I really shouldn't.

Anyway, just some random rambling about states, where i've been, and where I'd like to go. Nothing important, just rambling.

Maybe more content later. Class time now.

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