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I'm on the LiveJournal Abuse Team now. If you didn't see an entry on your friends page about what Abuse is, I think was one of the few public ones. Basically, I'm in training to help deal with requests related to things like Unwanted Friendings, Invasion of Privacy, Harrasment, Comprimised Accounts, and other similar issues related to Abuse of LiveJournal and on LiveJournal.

I'm also back at school. Started classes yesterday, and I posted my schedule for you all to see. I'm taking a lot of classes that I'm really interested in, and although my schedule is rough (not a lot of break time) it is compact (meaning I'm busy for 6 hours at a stretch, not 2 3 hour stretches), which I like better. I'm taking:

Computer Architecture II - Learning how processors work, why they work that way, and how they interact with the rest of the machine. Programming in VHDL and MIPS Assembly.
OS Design - Using NachOS to learn what the file system does, how it does it, and why it does it that way.
Statistics/Math 363 - Russian Professor who is very entertaining. Big class (Greg 112) but looks like I'll enjoy it.
Introduction to Ethics - Discussing lots of stuff about just/unjust wars and how to treat people. In Allen Hall, so I have no excuse not to go.
Differential Equations - my toughy. However, homework isn't graded, which is a relief, and the professor seems decent. This is the class I'll probably have most trouble with.

There's a new virus out, which means I have to clean tons of peoples computers for it. Luckily, it's a very very easy one to clean - kill bbeagle from running processes, remove from c:\windows\system32, delete a registry key. So, it takesa bout 5 minutes. Of course, the other two nettechs are running stinger to remove it, because they're morons. So, it ends up taking them like 20-30 minutes per machine, when I clean a room in 5.

I miss Jess. Being apart sucks.

We redid our room here, so now the beds are bunked in the corner. Leads to no good for sex, but I've got a girlfriend who's sick enough not to be able to travel who lives 1000 miles away, so I'm highly doubtful that's going to be an issue. Neil's choice to bunk the beds, so he suffers, but that's his choice :) Now both desks are against one wall, and we have floor space like whoa. Nifty.

I have 177 new movies. Paul gave them to me on my new hard drive. It is spiffy.

I'm lonely.

Since it had been a week without content, I figured i would give it to you. So. Here you go.
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