Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Course schedule for this semester

 Schmidt Christopher Robert                                           CRSCHMID

                       CLASS SCHEDULE - SPRING 2004                   1/20/04

 Course     Call#  Section   Credit  Schedule               Location
 C S   232  01463  E   LECT  3.00 H   1:00- 1:50PM WF       1320 D C L
            01465  02  DISC          12:00-12:50PM TH       252 M E BLDG
 C S   323  01489  C   LECD  3.00 H  10:00-10:50   MWF      1320 D C L
 MATH  285  04957  N1  LECD  3.00 H  10:30-11:50   TUTH     245 ALTGELD
 MATH  363  05006  G1  DISC  4.00 H   3:00- 3:50PM W        384 ARMORY
                   D1  LECT          11:00-11:50   MWF      112 GREG HALL
 PHIL  105  06020  U1  LECD  3.00 H   1:00- 2:20PM TUTH     40 ALLENHALL

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