Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Flight time

I get to stay here for an extra 12 hours.

I didn't realize what time my flight was, and I thought I was leaving on the morning shuttle at 7:05 AM. I thought that my goodbyes were going to have to be said at 5 in the morning, tearfully blinking the sleep out of our eyes.

I was wrong.

My flight isn't til 6pm. 6pm means that I can spend almost 12 extra hours here. 6pm means that I can say good bye to the kids. 6pm means one extra day of snuggling, one extra day of holding, one extra day of loving.

Never before have I realized what a huge difference 12 hours can make. How much that precious little time you have left seems to mean when you get a stay of execution. How really, those extra 5 minutes really do mean so much more.

I can tell you, thinking for the last week that my last minutes with her were going to be those sleepy eyed minutes in the morning, having that stay for 12 more hours means the world to me.

Of course, when it's time with Jess, all of it means the world.

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