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year in review

I never did my 2002 Year in Review.

So, I'm doing one for 2003.
In January, I started doing development work for LiveJournal. I learned how to use Zilla. I also wrote the first version of my captionable webcam, which will be up and running again when I get back to school, including learning some of my first php/mysql knowledge, using karl.

The columbia exploded. It's hard to believe it was that long ago - it really doesn't feel like it to me. Learned that chocolate is a good anti-depression food. Also started work on Plogs, after fighting with Brad on his birthday about how he thinks that volunteers never get anything done. Brad ended up leaving #lj_support, Mark and I started (formerly #qj) and #lj_dev, to try to get Brad into an environment where he could deal with people he feels comfortable with.

Resolved to not insult myself for Lent - discussion in comments to entry caused breakup with pie_is_good, fights that would go on for more than a month with several make up/break up cases. Still spent time with her. Devoted myself to school work to avoid spending time online feeing depressed. Launched Plogs on March 14th. Went to war on my birthday, so I didn't get to do anything with my friends (Christy and I had planned to go out, but that failed.) Ask me anything polls, some of my first work on Trackback ( a project that I'm still working with to this day (admittedly with different projects - I'm working on it for Drupal at the moment).

April Fools thing, got really pissed. Still think it wasn't as funny as some people think it was. Started typing entries on my 89 in class for something to do. First major pokings at S2, wrote my first style which I still have laying around in some places. It was horrible, didn't use nearly as much CSS as it should have, and used tons of hard coded stuff and tables and Blah. Added a new S2 feature every time I could just to show off. Created comment syndication feeds ( that people still look to me for. Went tunneling for the first time.

More Trackback, more Plogs. Got a digicam. Finished up school. Got my Grades. Got a job (working night shift data entry). Hung out with huberty luxtiger a lot to get emotions out. She's good for that - always has been. Started work at Schneider. Started a schedule where I'd wake up late, go to work, come back, stay on IRC for a couple hours, then go to bed. It worked well - I didn't see much of my family for months. It was a good system.

Fell in love with a wonderful girl. She's pretty. Talked to her on the phone for hours a night for sevearl months, and met her on June 27th. Decided that Sarah and I needed a clean break, no AIM/anything for several weeks. That lasted until the day before she left for England, when she accidentally talked to me on AIM, and we started talking again. SHe left for England, and only found out about Jess via a public entry that I'd planned to hide from her before she got home. (Damn internet Cafes.) Took a lot of pictures that I really liked in Chicago, including the image of the Sears Tower I still have as an icon.

Made plans for a 4 week road Trip. Did my best to deal with the fact that the person I was travelling with had a major thing against the chick I was dating. Hung out with Sarah a little bit when she got back from Europe. I believe we spent the last night I was in STC hanging out. Got my hair cut the day before we left, which was the 21st. I drove for the first time through the night - a long road trip to seattle. Stayed in North Dakota for one night, but other than that, spent a lot of time driving, sleeping, etc. It's approximately a 36 hour drive from Chicago to Seattle. Arrived in Seattle the 25th, and stayed there for a week, with supersat, asciident at their apartment. Met Bradfitz, Evan, and whitaker for dinner/discussion of LiveJournal. Learned that Brad is actually a decent guy in real life, despite how he comes off online. Saw a lot of Seattle. Drank for the first time.

Departed Seattle for Wistah (Worcester). Picked up by Jess on the 3rd of August, with girls in tow. Met Julie and Alicia. They fell in love with me. Got to spend more than a day with Jess. Reaffirmed the fact that I am in madly in love with her. Stayed with her for a week - saw numerous neat things. Went to mountains. Went camping with family for a week. Heard all about Dave's exploits as a Carnie. (no, he doesn't smell like cabbage.) Spent 200 dollars in collect phone calls at 2 in the morning from a pay phone to Jess. Went home, was home for 36 hours, left for school. Learned how to be a PCC, started fixing peoples computers for Blaster/Welchia.

Installed Linux for the first time. Gentoo. Still running it, and have now installed it on another machine. Resigned from Plogs - lack of time for the most part. Lots of schoolwork. jess came out for her birthday - sick as hell, but still a major important part of the month. She met a lot of my friends, although mostly as a "hi, i'm really sick and can barely move, but oh well." Also, got a stash of alcohol for the room that lasted until just before break.

Got my broken cell phone back. after several months. Blah. It sucked. Played with LJ some, but mostly just concentrated on doing a whole lot of nothing :) Got a new AIM screen name - cr5chmidt. Started using naim as my main aim client, rather than gaim.

Played with Phone post. Learned to be more assertive in arguing things. Proved that I can convince people that I believe something that I really don't at all. Got to see Jess again after 2 months over Thanksgiving. Spent time with Sarah. Finally got to chicago, although we ran into problems once we got there. I did get to go ice skating with her in downtown Chicago, which was... romantic. I don't know. It's weird to do romantic things with her, mostly because it doesn't make me uncomfrtable. It's weird, but good.

Went through my first time calling the cops because of a possible suicide. It was an interesting experience. Finished up school - passed all my classes this semester, although physics was just barely. Started helping out more with ndrumm's project, and learning PHP for that purpose. Worked on a decent project for my Databases class - came out pretty well. Need to advertise it more.

That's my year, basically. Nothing too advanced, nothing too informative, mostly just boring stuff. But it's what I did, and it's what I've done, and it's who I've been for the past year.

Maybe more posts later.

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