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Spending time here is...
I have been informed that I never update while I am out here. So, here I am, keeping you all informed on my whereabouts and what'js going on on my mind.

Jess is good. She is pretty. She is laying under a soft white blanket, staring off into space, and I think that she's just the most adorable thing in the world. She thinks I'm a tease - it's more that I don't see any reason that I should keep my hands away from her. She's so pretty - I just have to keep reassuring myself that she's there. I love her.

I helped clean the kids room today. i don't nkow how many of you have ev rhelped a 6 year old clean up anything before, but I have. It basically involes sitting in a place out of the way of the stuff they are supposed to be cleaning and pointing at stuff. So, with the motivation of trying to get most of it picked up before Jess got back from the store, Alicia picked up her room with my "supervision", and did a pretty good job of it. It was actually kind of a fun experience.

We had McDonalds for dinner. I have tried to explain to jess that mcDonalds doesn't not count as "real food", but she does not understand. I believe we're having barbacue chicken tomorrow, however, I could be wrong on that.

I made Nachos for NYE. They came out well. It is one of the first times that I've ever cooked something for myself. I've done cooking in boy scouts for a group of people - quite a bit of it, tbh, but that's the kind of thing where I have someone right there to ask if I'm screwing something up. Sure, nachos aren't all that difficult, but still... I felt very domestic cooking in an actual kitchen, just for Jess and I and the girls.

I love spending time out here. I feel like an adult. I don't feel like the kid I feel like everywhere else. I know that Jess thinks of me as childish because I don't like the taste of champagne, but I feel more in my element out here.

I have also been spending requisite amount of time geeking. I have a wireless keyboard here, and I will just walk to wherever Jess is and talk on IRC on the laptop that's across the room. Earlier, Jess pounced me - but she left my hands free. On my left was the laptop, on the right was the wireless keyboard. I put both hands where they belonged and typed with two seperate keyboards. It's a great way to teach yourself which keys are typed by which hands, in my opinion. I think everyone should try it.

It's nice to be here. I love Jess. The girls are adorable. And I made Nachos, all for myself.

Welcome to 2004. Exciting, isn't it? :)

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(Deleted comment)
I wonder what exactly qualifies as "white meat" now-a-days anyway... hrmm.

You'll let me live down the champagne comment around the time I'll let you live down defriending me. :P

I still think it's . . . well, cute, that you prefer sparkling grape juice to champagne. :)

I like sparkling grape juice too! :P

I don't like champange, either. It's yucky. I think the use of the word "yucky" makes me a hell of a lot more childish than not liking certain drinks.

give me a nice strawberry-kahlua milkshake instead ;)

You cooked nachos? Nachos is not a big achievement. Nachos is like, one step up from opening a microwave dinner and microwaving it. :) Never mind the fact that I burned bagel bites...

McDonald's does too count as real food, or there are numerous times I've gone whole days without eating. *points at times Chris and I went to McDonald's when we went to GA* Although I suppose this is a separate case, as when you go to GA, it's more real food than the food that is readily availble at high prices, so it's cool.

I'm glad you're enjoying yourself out there. *hug* This comment made me giggle while writing it, so people are looking at me weird. I don't understand. Make 'em stop! *hides*

And go you for liking sparkling grape juice more than champagne. ;) Of course you feel more like an adult. There's no older people around. (Okay, well, there's Jess. But she's not that old, so she doesn't count.) It's the first time you haven't had someone ruling over you. At college, you don't, really, but yeah, there's the fact you're living with eight million other people your age and walk downstairs to get bad food when you want it. ;)

Oh, and you don't update ever. It doesn't really matter where you are. :)

I love you. :)

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