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(no subject)
Occasionally, I realize that for those of you that don't talk to me outside LiveJournal, my life must be awfully confusing. I never really explain what's going on - you're just expected to know.

I'm in New Hampshire. I'm staying with my girlfriend, jpallan. I'm hungry, and I haven't eaten breakfast (or lunch) yet. It's approximately 1pm, even though my computer is telling me it's 11:51am. I have showered, but not done much else.

Tonight, at midnight, I will get to kiss the most wonderful girl in the world, put two wonderful girls to bed, and enjoy a bottle of Champagne that Jess spent entirely too much money on.

There is a cat staring at me as I type this. When you have a wireless keyboard, the bad aspects of using a laptop seem to just go away.

I love Jess. Had I mentioned that lately? Cause I do.

Anyway. If you want more information, just like... talk to me. or something.`And a Happy New Year to everyone! May it bring happymaking things to you like this year has brough to me!

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But I'm the most wonderful girl in the world! Jess is too old to be a girl!

And yeah, you should update better. *nodnod* EVERYTHING YOU DO SHOULD BE IN YOUR LIVEJOURNAL. I wanna see updates every two seconds or so to know you've been breathing!

Hmm. I could stand to be serious in this, couldn't I? Hmmm.

Well, I'd tell you to have a happy new year, but I know you will 'cause you'll be with Jess for it. That makes Chrises happy. *nodnod*

Owie! Dun kick me! *sniffs*

Okay, okay, you aren't old. :)

Wow. You're only a thirty minute drive away from me. oo;


. . . I'm only 30 minutes away and I haven't met you?

Where do you live?

Well, while you're in NH you're close. I live in southern Maine, close to the coast.

And no, we do not eat lobsters daily. ;p

Yeah, it's about half an hour, I live in Manchester. Sometimes it takes me as much as an hour to hit Kittery, but eh. :)

did you want to come down and chill?

Nah, I've got - oh happy day - homework. That I don't get. But will fake. And then kill myself on, letting my death mock Thoreau and his teachings and especially my English teacher.

My car is also untrustworthy for trips more than five minutes. It was mocking me today. "Ha ha ha, I'm going to the right! Ooh, can't stop me, eh? HA, faked you out, I'm really heading to the LEFT!"

Why can't *I* be a half hour drive from Biz?

Of course, I'd be scared for mankind if Biz and I meet. I think the world might explode.

The next time someone comes up, I'll drive them around town and then push them into the ocean.

"Find a lobster! We'll have it for lunch!"

....You wouldn't push your wife in the ocean.

You're right. I'm also deadly afraid of the ocean, so it would be a fine feat to get me close to one.

Phew. I was worried there, for a minute. Back to planning to hide in Chris's stuff next time he heads up to NH and then steal Jess's car and figure out how to get to Biz.

I mean, I'm not going to do that...

I'll be back on 1/9 and although I can't do anything that night, I'll be around until you leave. We should all get together.

Have a good New Years :-)

Absolutely. Alicia wants to see you. :)

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