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Work, Galaxy Quest, and a WHOLE LOTTA LOVIN!

Well, not quite. ^^
Worked at jewel from 3-9. Not too bad. got to be on carts for an extra half hour, because becky sucks at it and i took her time *muahahah* Actually had a fairly decent conversation with both doug and Nate (nate being the really annoying kid from my sophmore pe class 2nd semseter.) He and mayotte are going out (*sigh* charmed by her feminie aspects, i suppose. she sure doesn't have any brains. or strength. the girl has a full lot and 2 empty porches, and pushes back 2 or 3 carts at a time. and it's her own fault, because she forgets to go out on the lot in the first place!) *sigh* stupid people. But, anyway, work wasn't bad. Sarah came to the line i was baggin for, and i didn't even notice. And then, i dunno. I don't know how to act around her. I wanna just start makin out with her in the line, but i don't think that would be professional. So, i just smile and nod, and she just smiles and nods, and then she's gone *sigh*. And that makes me sad.
So, after work, my parents were mad at me, so i figured i'd just go home. but i called, and my mom was like "sure! you can go over there!" so i called. and i did. we watched "a makeover story" (making over the carpenters from trading spaces for their emmy award presentation), then, when we flipped through the channels 2x and found nothing on, decided on watching galaxy quest. Good movie, funny, although i don't understand a lot of the little inside jokes in there for trekkies, i don't think. Anyway, that was fun, and we had ice cream with homemade hot fudge sauce, which is always good. The cable's house is moved around right now, because he's finally painting the green on the rest of the tall walls. So, the couch was way far back and stuff. Course, Mr. Cable still sat in the good seat for watching movies, in the middle of the living room floor. ;) Then, I came home. And got online. big surprise. then i wrote this entry. and now i'm going to post it. then i'm going to write another one, about camping. yeah.

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