Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

High School Survey

Survey for schweds. I figured I'd post it here in case anyone was wondering about my high school life. Feel free to comment and ask questions if you're interested. Or make it a meme and pass it around!

Describe the school you attended in high school.
98% white, mostly high income families. Large: 3000 students, 800 in my graduating class.

What level were you in? (accelerated, "normal", LD.)
Honors classes in pretty much everything. Double advanced in math: Took two years of calc in high school, normal curriculum was only up to pre-calc. 5 years of spanish, etc.

How do you feel your instructors' expectations compared to other teachers'
expectations of their students? (Did they expect more, less, or the same
from you?)
They exepcted more simply because I was an honors student. All honors students were expected to do more, better, faster, stronger, longer, etc. etc. ;)

Were you encouraged by your instructors to continue in higher education?
I think we were all just expected to continue in higher education. it wasn't something we were encouraged or not encouraged to do, it was just something we were all expected to do.

How did your instructors motivate you to succeed? (by helping you set
goals, by rewarding you, competition with other students, etc.)
There wasn't a serious amount of motivation: it was mostly "Do well, or you'll flunk," especially later in high school. Teachers would encourage us by letting us know how we were doing, but we were making our own way, not forced to by any teachers.

Do you feel that your instructors were more or less lenient with
misbehavior in your class (compared to classes at different levels)?
Less lenient. We were "the creme de la crem" (or however you spell that: obviously, i wasn't all that good in english ;)), so we were expected to be better behaved than everyone else.

Were you involved in many extracurricular activities, and did instructors
encourage these activities?
7 during my senior year, 5-6 other years. Not encouraged by most of my teachers, although one of them encouraged me to join the math team.

Do you feel that the material you learned was appropriate for your level
(too easy, too hard, just right.)?
I think it was appropriate for my level.

Extra comments?

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