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Today, Sarah and I went to downtown chicago. This is a trip we had been planning to make since we were still dating back over a year ago, but we just never got around to it: things never worked out. However, tonight we finally did it.

We took the 4:05 train in, picked it up at West Chicago. We sat in the car beforehand and talked for a while. It was good to get a better feeling on some stuff we've been talking about online for a while. I'm reminded often when I hang out with her how much I miss this kid. She is absolutely wonderful to spend time with, something I didn't ever fully realize back "then". Now hanging out with her is just... I feel so relaxed with her, like I only do with a very few people in the world.

We took the train in with no mishap, and made our way down to the Madison and State intersection, then headed for Marshall Fields. On the way, we stopped for pizza, which was good, but WAY huger than I expected it to be. I ordered two slices, and then found out that they were nearly a quarter of a pizza per slice. He had to make a new pizza for the second slice (I took his last pepperoni) and I realized there was no way I could eat any of it. Since he wasn't paying any attention, I just casually pretended I forgot I had ordered two and walked out. I felt kind of bad, but I'd've felt worse had I not been able to eat pizza I took from him.

In any case, we saw all the willy wonka windows at marshalls. That was very neat - I always love those windows, and the scenery, and evertying about that part of Chicago during the Christmas season. Being there with someone I could snuggle with was wonderful, even though it would have been so much immensely better had I been with Jess - not because anything is wrong with Sarah, but simply because it would have been Jess ;) But we looked at the windows, then wandered up to Michigan Ave. We went ice skating there, which was just... it was a cute couplesy thing to do, which we tend to do all the time still, despite the fact that we're not even close to being a couple.

After we went ice skating, I had a pretty bad asthma attack. I could hardly walk without panting. I'm not sure what exactly brought it on, but it seems like it was likely partially sinus induced. In any case, we tried to find a pharmacy where I could pick up Bronchial mist and failed, instead finding that everything in the town is closed. Heavy sigh.

We got back to the train station, where I sat and rested, and most of the asthma affects went away, although they were replaced by a sinus headache. Sigh. Altogether a pretty shitty trip for Sarah, I'm sure, but I felt amazingly good just knowing she was there for me - it's nice to know I have another person I can depend on no matter what.

We both slept leaned against each other the entire train ride home, waking up only as we got towards Winfiedl, which is the stop right before West Chicago. Good thing we woke up :)

Sarah is wonderful, caring, cute, and sweet. All of those things make her a wonderful friend, and I'm glad I got to spend the day with such a wonderful person.

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