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My computer can't even keep up with my typing, that's how fast it is right now. So, you know what that means? Time for an entry from chris!

I saw jess. She's just as incredible as always. She pounced me. A lot. We put the kids down for a nap and didn't even get upstairs before I got pounced. It was fun. Her house was messy. I tried to clean it up. I suppose I could have gotten more help from her, but by the second day when we planned on doing stuff (the girls being at school and all) jess was sore :( Poor girl.

Anyway, I had a lot of fun out there. We didn't do nearly as much as we did the last time I was out there, although we did see Allyson again. I also got to see the park where she got married. Allyson was quite ecstatic in exclaiming "A path, a path, a path!" in the tone of voice of the Knights who say Ni from Monty Python's holy grail. (Don't worry if you can't remember it - I couldn't either. It's talking abouyt when they want another shrubbery brought to them and a path between them and so on.) Anyway, we walked down there and drove around Nashua for a while and so on and so forth. And yes, that was fun. And we spent a lot of time with the girls, which was also fun.

I met Emmy. Jason got a better look at me, has now decided I look like I'm 13. (Emmy is Jason's sister, Jason is Jess's ex.) Alicia and Julie are wonderful. Woooonderful little adorable little girls. And I'm totally becoming all about kids - was at aunt's for thanksgiving yesterday, and I was totally playing with Christian, who is 7, and... the littler one. Carter! yes. he's 2 or 3. They were both trying to tickle me. And I just lay there nad let them, and tickled them back occasioanlly. It was fun. And I was just thinking of Sheesha and Julie and missing jess, but it was okay, because we're madly in love and it will all be okay.

I also hung out with Sarah. We saw the lights in downtown st. charles. I think I 'mg oing to design a pretty Christmas layout for my journal. I tried last year, but my knowledge of CSS/HTML sucked so bad... and this year I have S2, and that's good for things like that. I'll use the images I took with the camcorder of Lincoln Park, and it will be wonderful. Seeing Sarah was also wonderful, because she and I are still so close. (Sarah is my ex, btw. jc pointed out that this kind of thing is not public knowledge to me yesterday in channel.) We watched Chicago afterwards, which was wonderful! And I got Carmel Apple Cider! and and I'm hoping that I can go to Chicago with her tomorrow afternoon - windows and maybe second city, that would rock.

thanksgiving was decent. played with the phone a lot, but also talked to a lot of people. Beat Grandfather in 1/3 games in pool. It was fun.

Fought with mom last night over not enough "family time". Said it was stupid to fall asleep on the couch while she watched a movie and call it "family time". She said it was the only time we got together. I said fine, she bitched at me some more, and then she fell asleep 20 minutes into the movie. Of course, she remembered none of this the next day. But whatever.

Had dinner with them tonight. It wasn't horrible. Watched Core. Blah blah. I'm still typing at 18 million words a minute. Yes yes. anyway. this is a recent stuff entry. blah blah blah. there you go.

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