Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Phone Post:

Sex filter. if you recently opted out, you haven't been removed yet, i'll get on that, i'm sorry. behind the lj-cut you will find the biggest reason that I am a livejournal dork ever.

162K 0:46
“I just got laid. *breathing* Yeah, that's right. Back seat of a volkswagon, and I just got laid. *breathing* I'm lying on Jessica right now and *breathing* I told her that if I was *breathing* a really big LiveJournal Dork *breathing* that I should call, and make a phone post saying I got laid. *breathing* This post is private because most of my friends wouldn't give a shit about hearing this, but *breathing* I have a filter for things like that. *breathing* Yeah, I'm breathing hard. You know why? Cause I just got laid. *breathing* So. I just figured you all *breathing* might want to know that. I'm *breathing* nowhere near a computer because I"m 20 miles from Jess' house *breathing* in the backseat of a car. *breathing* Like Jess said, "I feel so high school." That's about it.”

Transcribed by: multiple users
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