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Phone Post:
Sex filter. if you recently opted out, you haven't been removed yet, i'll get on that, i'm sorry. behind the lj-cut you will find the biggest reason that I am a livejournal dork ever.

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“I just got laid. *breathing* Yeah, that's right. Back seat of a volkswagon, and I just got laid. *breathing* I'm lying on Jessica right now and *breathing* I told her that if I was *breathing* a really big LiveJournal Dork *breathing* that I should call, and make a phone post saying I got laid. *breathing* This post is private because most of my friends wouldn't give a shit about hearing this, but *breathing* I have a filter for things like that. *breathing* Yeah, I'm breathing hard. You know why? Cause I just got laid. *breathing* So. I just figured you all *breathing* might want to know that. I'm *breathing* nowhere near a computer because I"m 20 miles from Jess' house *breathing* in the backseat of a car. *breathing* Like Jess said, "I feel so high school." That's about it.”

Transcribed by: multiple users

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I take it this is not parent-safe?

You dork. ;)

I giggled madly. Because you were breathing hard.

And then I went, "Oh my god, one of my best friends is the biggest dork ever."

But that's why I love you. Yay dorkiness. ^^

You know, I can't tell from your reply page whether or not the post actually is friends only or not. I thought you'd screwed up and made it public. ^^ You should fix that or something.

Somehow I think I've mentioned that to you before. Hmm.

Oh, and of course, yay for getting laid. ;) Is the back of the volkswagen like mallrats claims?

This has become my only LJ memory. Seriously funny stuff :)

You know, the only way you could possibly top this now is to PhonePost whilst you're getting laid...

You know, the only way you could possibly top this now is to PhonePost whilst you're getting laid...


HA! I said the EXACT same thing to him in IRC.

*** chrisMobile has joined #lj_cyber
< pezstar> The first thing you do after you have sex is NOT to post a breathy journal entry about it. That's fucking great
* bobob snickers
< chrisMobile> Jess says the still lover me.
< chrisMobile> Loves.
< bobob> that'll be me when i get laid
< bobob> swear to god
< pezstar> Chris, if you were a REAL livejournal dork, you would have posted that WHILE you were getting laid.
< pezstar> POSER





can someone please transcribe for me? for some reason my computer won't 'do' these ogg file types or let me save it as anything else :-(

I just made a revision to your transcription--I think I got that sentence you couldn't decipher. Chris will have to let us know if I'm right. ;)


now.... how the heck do i get to listen to these phone posts? I wanna hear the breathing!

That was the funniest thing I have ever heard. What is it with SHs and Volkswagons....??

I think I hear her giggling at one point, early on. At like the 7 or 8 second point. Very faintly. Interesting.

*cracks up* New levels of geekiness here.

I think I'm going to try to remember to do this.

Wow. That's the funniest thing I've seen all day. W00t for sex in the back seat of a car. *thinks*. I've never had sex in the back seat of a car. Maybe because neither I nor anyone I've ever slept with has had a car. Oh well.

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