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I'm here. (+new filter poll)
I'm in New Hampshire. I'm typing on a keyboard that looks a lot like Christy's, except it isn't wireless. And I'm in a different time zone. And I'm happy. And jess is lying over on the futon, trying to keep awake until I decide "hey, it might be a good time to go to bed", while I write entries, talk to people on IRC, and in general, be annoying.

This morning, I woke up at 6, went knock-kneed through the entire flight process, flew to manchester, found jess and the girls, drove around for a while, ate subs, came back here. Hung out for a while, switched off using the computer, got the kids to bed, watched natural born killers (decent movie, although jess kept distracting me :P) ate some pizza, and did some more stuff and now I'm on the computer again.

The phase on this LCD is kinda funky. No matter where I set it, one part of the text always fades out, and I'm not sure how to fix it. Also, the colors are horribly wrong - you can't tell a difference between green and not green requests on the support board, which is annoying. But that's okay, it's not like the computer is the most important thing here or naything like that - I'm here for the company, not for the redhat running computer.

I think I'm meeting kristan tomorrow. Which will be weird, because before I met jess I was going to come out here this summer and meet her, and I never did because she moved to NC. So yes.

Also, seeing SmileLoki again on monday. I think. I need to figure out what to do. and stuff. (god, I Feel so lost out here.)

I love jess. She's wonderful. Today, so much of my stress of the past month has just flown out the window.

Also, 4 people have updated while I've been writing this post. What's up with that? I've never even seen the logjam checkfriends thing light up before. I should turn it on at home. Home being school. Which is, for the record, where I'm running naim and Bitchx from, so here's hoping they don't unplug my shit.

I like New Hampshire. It's cool. (I typed neat, but that word has connotations from my last visit.) I have 200 friends. (I just edited my friends list a bit - deleted some people who defriended me, picked a few random journals to start reading. My friends list is highly volatile and subject to change, so be forewarned. Yes.)

Thanks to pne and Spratt for the quality phonepost translations! You guys rock!

And now, for the modification of my [woo-sex] Friends Filter!

Making a new poll for sex entry stuff. old one was at http://www.livejournal.com/poll/?id=164292 but I was stupid and made the answers public. If you answered that one, and your answer hasn't changed, that's fine - i've kept the filter up to date, even though I really haven't been using it. If your answer has changed (or you're willing to say stuff in a private-response poll you aren't otherwise) feel free to re-fill this one out, and the choices here will supersede those back there. (this is a poll to determine who wants to see these types of entries for the record.

Poll #209044 Sex stuff (2)

Do you want to hear about sex-type stuff?


All entries will be lj-cut with indicators of non-worksafe content.

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Hmmm... I'm torn as to whether I should ask to be removed because I wasn't all that interested in reading what basically amounted to erotica when it was about people I know, or whether I should stay because some great debates broke out last time. :P

Well, the debates were because of my friend Derek and partially me.

He, uh, won't be in this filter. And I'm completely over my wibbles now.

If that helps your decision at all. ;)

I'm less into the "erotica about people I know" aspect than the "being nosy for details about things that make people I like happy" part of it.

And sometimes, the quotes are just that great.

(Deleted comment)
I know that. And that's why I make polls like this friends only - so I don't have to worry about feeling bad and feel like I have to add people to my friends list simply so they can read entries like this.

The reason you aren't on my friends list is because I don't particularly feel like sharing the content of my friends only entries with you. If I did, I would have you on my list but not in my default view, like I used to. However, I use my friends-only entries for more personal information that I don't feel comfortable sharing with you.

I have such an arduous time filling out these types of polls. Can't you choose for me?

/me chooses for jc and throws him in the "yes" pile.

Also, the colors are horribly wrong - you can't tell a difference between green and not green requests on the support board

Heh. I have that problem normally on this monitor when I'm tired. Oddly enough, we've been talking about changing the colors on Blurty to make them more distinguishable and just generally look better.

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