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Life, or completely lack thereof

I think I need a new style. My current one is a really nice style, but I just don't know what to do with it anymore. It's lost all excitement. I knew when I first grabeed it I was probably going to end up dissapointed over the fact that it had no sidebar - it really limits what you can do.

Any of you have any prexisting somewhat designs I could steal? I may just end up stealing another one of adcott's, because his turned out so well this time. The coding he uses (everything in CSS) works really well for converting to S2 because you don't have to edit much, and it lets you do properties easily. I like eaasy ;) But I also want something a bit less utlitarian/simple.

I wonder if I could just make a new color theme. Hm.

Life sucks. I'm lonely. Database project is actually going decently: I spent 12 hours beating php and mysql into shape yesterday, and it actually is starting to work out. The relations in the database are starting to look pretty good, and the output is okay, but I need to get working on some input, because right now everything has to get done in the database, and obviously that won't work for long ;)

My group partner has been conspicuously ignoring my emails, so I'm doing this all on my own right now. I'm hoping he shows up soon so we can make this look prettier, but eh.

I need to make more advanced location searches. Right now it can look for who shares a class with you, but it can't do anything like sort them by Location, just by class. Also, there's only one class in the database ;)

Display stuff sucks still. Aaron is looking at making a design for the site. The one he came up with wouldn't be too bad for a journal or soemthing, but far too lightly colored for my tastes :)

Karl and Roy tried to get me involved in a conference phone post last night. But they got my mom instead. OOPS! I should call her and apologize I suppose - i think they ended up calling around 11pm, and my parents are usually asleep by then.

Apparently she says hi.

I'm sleepy. Not enough sleep + too much home... FUCK. I didn't do my physics homework. okay, no biggy, 90% until 2 weeks from now. Goddamn, I should have known I was forgetting something. Eh. Too much homework anyway. But the database project is coming together, which is making me more than happy.

Some people I need to express some Love to:
fracturedfaerie: You're wonderful. I know we've grown apart, but you're still incredible.
pie_is_good: You know that the same applies to you. you're wonderful and incredible, and I'm very glad I know you.
jpallan: You rock my world, And you know it. And pretty soon I'll be rocking yours. Ow Ow!!

A bunch of other people, but those are the three off the top of my head that need it most right now.

yawn. physics. leave me comments or something. They make me feel popular.

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