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How to override a function using a theme layer

Customize page is at
Advanced Customization page is at

At the Advanced Customization page, select "Your layers". Go to below Create layout-specific layer and select "Theme" for Type and the style you wish to override a function from as the Layout. Then click "Create".

That should result in the addition of a new choice on this page. It will have some ID number and say "theme" for type, and "(none)" for name. Next to that, click Edit.

Now you should be presented with the following:

layerinfo "type" = "theme";
layerinfo "name" = "";

So that we can identify this in the future, enter a name for this theme. Enter the name you choose between the quotes for layerinfo name. So you should have:

layerinfo "type" = "theme";
layerinfo "name" = "Some Name";

Creating an additional theme layer lets you change a large number of parts of the layer without creating an entirely new layer. These changes will replace any definitions in the layer itself. There are several types of customizations you can make.

The first is to set properties by hand. Each layer has specific properties that control its behavior. From the public layer listing at, each layer is linked to a list of its properties. For example, the Generator layout properties are displayed at .

To set these properties, you use the "set" command. For example, to set the show_entrynav_icons property to 0, you would insert code to make your theme layer look like this:

layerinfo "type" = "theme";
layerinfo "name" = "Some Name";

set show_entrynav_icons = 0;

In this case, this would have the same affect as changing this option in the customization wizard: the entries would not contain the navigation icons (previous, next, tell a friend, memories) icons that they usually contain. However, some styles have properties which can not be set via the customization interface. For example, A Sturdy Gesture has a property called "text_page_prev" which is not customizable in the user interface.

*insert stuff about how to override a function here*

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