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So, I've now written a tool that automatically stops xmms, downloads a phone post, plays it, and restarts xmms, given a username and ID. It'll restart the song, because I can't have xmms paused and use other music things, because I'm too lazy to actually set up a linux mixer.

Next step is to write an s2 style that makes it easy to parse these things, so I can just type a command, and have it play, in order, each of the phoneposts on the most recent entries page, reporting who it is.

Oh, also, I'm saving all of these for blackmail purposes. So, you better hope you don't say anything dumb or goofy, because until I get over a gig of these things, I'm just going to keep all of them.

My last post elicited some pretty serious responses from people. I really wrote it in more of a joking manner than I think a lot of people took it. As is clear from the fact that I'm being a huge geek and writing all this stuff to make it easier to listen to phone posts, I'm most likely going to listen to at least some of them.

One of my favorite comments:
"If I wanted to hear a bunch of geeks singing row row row your boat... I'd just watch Star Trek 5 a couple of times." - paranormaloid

There are some valid reasons why I wouldn't want people to post mostly from phone posts though. Between hassle of actually inturrupting other music to listen, the weird looks I'd get from my roomate, etc. there's also the fact that I really do like reading people's entries: chemicallace and kuangning come to mind off the top of my head. I love reading their writings.

However, I highly doubt that audio-blogging is going to become all that popular in the LiveJournal world. If someone does choose to go that route, they probably won't end up on my friends pages, simply because that's not what I'm looking for from LiveJournal. Similarly, someone who used their journal solely for photoblogging probably wouldn't end up on my friends page, nor would someone who only went with meta-blogging.

Some interesting conversation threads from the post though:
my opinions regarding use by disabled people/lack of personality in these posts
my opinion on how testing and so on will make this feature really annoying for the next week or so.
discussion on how jack feels that i bitch, moan, kick and scream at every new livejournal feature. (Which is exactly why I'm developing, on a daily basis, ways to work with another one of LiveJournal's new features - S2).

I'll play with it, simply because it uses my phone, and I play with EVERYTHING that I can using my phone. Simple as that.

Jess and I are going through hell being apart right now, and that's the simple truth. I never did a break this long with Sarah, and I will never do one this long again if I have any say in it whatsoever. This two months bullshit is literally tearing my heart out of my chest. It's so painful all the time that we're both in horrible shape and everything we do just sucks. We talked tonight, and it just... my chest physically hurts. The whole "gutwrenching" feeling is happening about 24/7 right now. It sucks horribly horribly horribly.

Results from the S2 polls I took (What tutorials in S2 would you like to see written?):

  • How to use the various types of layers (layout, theme, user, etc) and styles
  • how to create an s2 style from scratch
  • fixed / no-repeat background image
  • A basic S2 language tutorial, particularly some of the original ideas in S2, like what all those headers mean/do.
  • How to implement either a custom style sheet, or add a custom style to the S2 layer's style sheet.
  • Anything involving Generator style since nobody seems to know or want to help me!
  • Adding UPI on recent and individual entry pages in Generator
  • adding memeadd and edit buttons to the recent/friends pages in Component
  • BOXER.
  • Adding GLOBAL_HEAD equivalents (CSS and the like); also, creating custom styles (like [manually] porting an S1 style over); I know there're docs, but they make my head spin, and something simpler would be better
  • anything involving manipulating generator
  • use of arrays and hashes
  • I think a diagram of all of the classes and which classes extend other classes would be nice, I'm still a little shaky with the object-oriented aspects.
  • It would be nice to see an overview of S2 written for those familiar with S1, with maybe a comparison of features.
  • I'd like to see a really basic tutorial that one could build on as they learned more.

Amusingly enough, i got more responses from my poll in my own journal than anywhere else, at least for the first day.

There's a couple requests on the board that I need to write tutorials for, but don't feel like it. *sigh*

Nifty thing I made to do a POC for *jack in lj_style: or . Userpics for 50 most recent posts on my friends page, with and without comms. Note that each userpic links to the entry it is attached to :)

Physics test tonight. ECE lab due tomorrow. Video review (paper) due Friday. Project screenshots due Nov 20th. See Jess Nov 22nd. Nov 22nd. Nov 22nd. It's not that far. Just 10 more days and a few hours. I can do this. This sucks so much. But I can do it.

Hey Jess? I miss you. I love you. The only thing that's keeping me going atm is you, so hang in there. We're almost there. Just a couple more days. We can do it.
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