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S2 Polllling
S2 Hooker
In working towards fully supporting the new S2 style system, the LiveJournal support is looking to develop a series of tutorials for what is possible to do with S2. However, we'd like to start by getting some opinions on what is the most important thing you would like to do with your S2 style. Realize that most of these tutorials will be geared towards paid members of the site, since only such users have the ability to create custom layers.

So, this poll is to determine what type of tutorials you would like to see written about S2. Whether this be "how do I add a counter in generator" or whatever, just fill out to your heart's content.

If you run out of room, use comments to tell more - we're looking to document anything and everything people want to do in S2.

Poll #202832 Tutorial Requests

What tutorials about S2 would you like to see written?

If any of you would like to create tutorials, howto_userdoc is the place to be. This comm is for discussion and creation of howto tutorials for both S1 and S2.

Thanks for your help. Tutorials will most likely be posted in howto_userdoc, then moved to s2howto once they are completed and discussed. Once again, thanks for your time.

(cross posted to s2styles - you don't have to answer both :))

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Say, wanna post this in howto_userdoc too? Or can I?

I've already got it in a couple places - I'll link from howto_userdoc to s2styles though.

(Really wish you could repost the same poll more than once and have all the answers aggregated...)

I'll post a listing of all the results when it's done.

Yeah, that's what I meant, sorry. Do you know if it's been posted in suggestions before? I've seriously thought that a few times, usually with polls like this.

You can post the poll just once, then post the resultant HTML in several different entries. The only limitation I can think of is that even once someone has taken the poll, they'll still see the "Enter Poll" form (rather than the poll results) everywhere except at the original entry.

That was why I didn't do it - I didn't want people to think their results hadn't gone through (since the usual assumption is "I can see forms, therefore I haven't filled it out yet") and I have no problem just doing this instead.

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