Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

styles + random

So, what have I been up to.
Generator in S2 with userpics on most recent Entries Page.
Overriding a sturdy Gesture's stylesheet.

I've been doing a lot of learning and relearning of the LiveJournal style system. The reason? Well, last week or so, the style systems category was created in support. A few days later, I recieved Supporthelp in the category, bringing my total supporthelps to three. Most importantly, in the past 48ish hours, I have made 150 touches in the category.

150 touches.

For the record: kamara has made 12 over the same time period, and her coadmin tenshisama has made 5.

I have literally not left the board for 48 hours except to eat, drink, and sleep. The only reason that the board stays as low as it does is because of my approvals at this point.

I've also been doing a lot for school. 2 midterms next week, one on monday, one on wednesday. Trying to work out lots of things with Jess, which sucks at a distance, and everything just gets so much harder when it's been 5.5 weeks since you saw the person you're dating.

Went tunneling tonight. Brought siren52684 and evilcat84 with us. Very fun.

The stars were pretty tonight. I miss jess. i'm sleepy. nini.
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