Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt


This is but a quick summary. More later, on some of the things.

Tonight, I borrowed clothes from Vered and other people on my floor, dressed up as a girl, including heels and fishnets, went to a gothic dance night, met a cute girl, danced with lots of cute girls, came back, watched the end of RHPS with a small crowd, helped clean up, got complimented on my outfit, called jess, cleaned off my makeup, came back, read lj, friended the girl i met at the gothic dance night, found out that abe (burr86 had met mrs. tegge, and (most likely) seen my ex-girlfriend (barring a second couple on the NSML team from STC. Likely? I think not.), commented to some things, emailed jess with an informative email, emailed jess with a more emotional, less thought out email that I think she will get great amusement out of, wrote a livejournal post, and poste
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