Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Random LJ stuff

Hey. New people that have friended me. Comment here and tell me who you are, otherwise I'm not adding you back. Yeah, I'm mean. This refers specifically to terrarosa1, archetypal, edm, and mrfurious.

chrisg: We were talking about some stuff in IRC tonight that you didn't understand. If you're interested in understanding, there are two entries you now have access to read at . (Note the disclaimers on these entries). If you're really interested in what these entries say and you can't see anything on that day, feel free to comment, and I'll get to you. Before you do comment read the entry at and fill out the relevant poll.

Yes, I am using my LiveJournal as a personal communication medium even though this is a public post. If you have a problem with it, you're SOL.

I finally worked out how to do link list support in my style. I'm still trying to decide if I actually like it - I've redone it twice now. I also want to add calendar support now, because it seems like it could be a good thing to do. I want it on there, just because i think it's neat, but my style doesn't really have a good place for it.

I want to get my goathack back up to livejournal code rather than half plogs, half livejournal, and all the other stuff I had. I need to do that.

Whitaker just did a TON of moving of friends page code to memcache: I HIGHLY recommend testing it at (for those of you who haven't seen it, the site is free, but sqautter accounts are routinely deleted, so don't use it as a site for journalling.) But yeah, broken friends pages means 18 million support requests, so go test some stuff. Quote from whitaker on what to test: "This includes friend group filtering, editing, friends views, friendsfriends views, with memcache/without memcache, etc." Not the most specific, but something; watch lj_test if you want more (he says he'll post tomorrow).

I opened a support request today:

It's HUGE. And there were a bunch of other huge requests about the same thing. So, the information was passed onto brad/lisa and co. This is just to let the few of you who might read/comment know that things may appear/dissapear. So yeah, it's not just you - it's happening on a couple journals, and I've seen it a bunch on mine.

Any suggestions on my link list support? Let me know. other than that, I'm just sleepy and stuff. So. Hi. G'night.

i <3 jess
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